Tanks And Tears have released their new album titled ‘Timewave’ via Swiss Dark Nights Records. As much a conveyance as it is a concept, ‘Timewave’ is a dark and brooding journey through difference soundscapes interwoven with the mind and interlaced with that dark part of your soul that lay between creativity and insanity.

Each track tells a story left for that personal interpretation and, when combined, give you another world to get lost in.

About ‘Timewave’

Seven years since their debut, the Prato-based band is back with a renewed sound, thanks to a recent addition to the lineup – keyboardist Lorenzo Cantini – and the limitations imposed by the last pandemic, forcing Matteo Cecchi (bass, synth, and vocals), Claudio Pinellini (guitar and synth), and Francesco Ciulli (drums) to work remotely.

The result is an intense, introspective, and exciting album, appreciating nods to the electronic sounds of the ’80s, beloved by the genre. Simultaneously, it manages to convey a resounding sense of modernity. The rhythmic and powerful bass sequences (Roland SH-101), reminiscent of early Ministry or Nitzer Ebb, and played electronic drums (samples of 707, Linn, and Korg DDD-5) drive atmospheric and leaden synth layers. These serve as a backdrop to the post-punk-style guitar harmonies and captivating keyboard and synthesizer melodies.

Completing the picture are the troubled and melancholic lyrics, often in contrast with the bright melodic lines of the music, addressing delicate themes of self-isolation, atelophobia, depression, and the repetitiveness of events over time. It’s a clear examination of contemporary issues in a darkwave context.

About Tanks And Tears

The band Tanks And Tears was formed in Prato (Italy) in 2013 by Matteo Cecchi (bass, vocals, synth) and Claudio Pinellini (guitar, synth). With the addition of Francesco Ciulli on drums a year later, their sound evolved in the direction of British post-punk from the 1980s. In 2015, coinciding with the release of their debut EP ‘Know Yourself,’ they began their collaboration with the label Swiss Dark Nights, to which they are still affiliated today. In 2017, they released their first album, ‘Aware.’

In 2019, after performing around a hundred concerts in Italy and Europe and with the addition of Lorenzo Cantini on synth and keyboards, they took a break. They returned to the music scene only in December 2022 with the release of the maxi-single ’Nightmare,’ which marked an evolution in the quartet’s sound, emphasizing the electronic elements of synthesizers and drum machines. In the same darkwave vein, their second full-length album, ‘Timewave,’ was released in March 2024, preceded by the singles ‘Darkside’ (January) and the title-track ‘Timewave’ (February).