Von Loop is an energetic alternative rock group based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Their music covers a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from passionate calls for societal change to clever, tongue-in-cheek satire. They leave no stone unturned in their mission to create inclusive and relatable music, embracing vulnerability, passion, and fierce energy – elements that connect us all as human beings.

The band’s origins lie in a long-standing friendship, and they initially created music as a means of bonding and finding catharsis. Over time, they’ve built an impressive collection of songs that they’re now eager to share, starting with their debut release, “Strap,” and more recently, their singles “I’ve Got A Light” and “Folklore.” The band is managed by Reaction Management and has recently signed with SODEH Records and

In today’s climate, marked by segregation, isolation, and artificiality, Von Loop stands as a contrast to these norms, promoting unity through raw energy and taking a stand against the erosion of freedom and peace. Their music is deeply rooted in the concept of liberty and the desire for every individual to live a life that aligns with their values. They invite you to dance to their fiery tunes as a celebration of their message.

SOURCE: Official Bio