Taylor Mecca has released her new single titled ‘Growing Up Sucks’. Somewhat of a personal confessional intimately delivered in a sweetly somber tone in a simple but elegant delivery, ‘Growing Up Sucks’ becomes relatable from our own experiences and, for me, caused those old feelings to come back. Those feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, and general self negativity. You know what else the song brought back? The reflection and introspection of the present. I needed to feel all of those things at that time in my life so that I could learn how to deal and overcome them.

This, to me, is what music is meant to do. Enlighten and enrich and, hopefully, entertain.

About Taylor Mecca

The strength of Taylor’s powerful voice can only be matched by that of her vibrant personality, likely why the NY-based pop singer/songwriter boasts an impressive 1.3M followers on TikTok. Her debut EP Sidelines is slated for an unprecedentedly thorough rollout from July-November 2023. With production from Griff Clawson (Sadie Jean, Fiji Blue), Jack Price, Tiger Darrow, and Aaron Brohman, Sidelines is a 5-song navigation of the emotional challenges coming-of-age poses.