The American Hotel System are an alternative rock band hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan who have a lot to say. Their exploration into traditional rock ‘n’ roll has unleashed their own sound which reflects on emotive lyrics, complex structures and of course, a massive live sound that goes beyond the norm. They have opened up for the likes of Bon Jovi on their headline tours, and have risen to high acclaim with their debut album ‘The Sunken Truth’ released back in 2019.

2022 however, was a landmark year for them. After the release of their live album, they won the LA Music Prize and were given sufficient financial support to them and have enabled bigger and better opportunities in the industry. This was a huge step in the right direction for The American Hotel System, and they now look ahead to 2023 with bigger horizons ahead.

A brand new body of work and sonic adventure begins this year, starting with thunderous new alt-rock soarer ‘Seattle’, depicting the love story between frontman Jacob Betts and his wife. Anthemic and riff-ladened from the off, the song has a real epic feel to it from that first second, fronting those massive drums and guitar riffs that we all love and crave. Jacob suffered a traumatic scare last year from TBI that he was diagnosed with back in 2015, and this song feels like the embellishment of all that hurt and pain and getting through to the other side with Jacob’s and Ashley’s relationship.

The chord structures and melodic progressions set this band apart from the crowd, in what is a huge and cascading wall of rock-infused sound. Think early Kings of Leon in those raucous and gritty guitar lines, mixed with Manchester Orchestra in Betts’ melodic prowess and band chemistry, and ‘Seattle’ hits that sweet spot in between. The powerful lyrics in ‘love is the storm we need’ embodies the energy that The American Hotel System presents, in a track that sees them go above and beyond.

The band says “This song has taken three years to get just right, and we are so excited to finally share it with you! It seems like we are bombarded with division every time we open our newsfeeds or turn on our televisions with a constant storm of chaos and rage. We believe that love is the storm we need to stretch, grow, and blossom into new life.”

In a band that holds quite a story, it seems that The American Hotel System are an absolute force to be reckoned with ahead of what will be their biggest year to date, with ‘Seattle’ being the euphoric catalyst that gets them started.

SOURCE: Official Bio