The Captain Loses Every Time has released their debut eponymous EP. From the ashes of Earthist rise a new Phoenix worthy of any listening device. That serene mix of pop, bash, rock, and crash collide in a sonic fervor to help you rediscover your passion with a collection of songs that are as anthemic as they are accessible. Pick a favorite track. That track will change with each listen. Variety has a voice, and that voice rocks.

About The Captain Loses Every Time

The Captain Loses Every Time formed in 2020 in Parma and comprises Giacomo Giuffredi (30 y.o. – guitar/lead voice), Gianmarco Cotti (29 y.o. – bass/backing vocals) and Alberto Tanara (29 y.o. – drums/backing vocals).

The three had been playing together in another band from 2011 to 2018 and came together again in 2020, jamming in a basement during the pandemic.

In March 2022 the band released its first EP, which includes the first five original songs. The genre can be classified as Alternative Rock, mainly inspired by Biffy Clyro and other favorites of the band, like Foo Fighters, and with experimentations on song’s time signature.