The Doorman have released their new video for the single titled ‘Glass Factory’ from their upcoming fifth album releasing in 2023.

Beautifully and starkly animated with gritty post-modernism, the music matches the visual in an almost surreal presentation featuring a vivid and romantically retro-esque song. Tune meets tension with the enthusiasm of virtuosity and a cascading guitar style reminiscent of The Smiths and other Jangle-Pop giants of the day, but with a new and modern twist. This music is designed to stay with you long after that first listen.

About ‘Glass Factory’

‘Glass Factory’ takes the listener through the strong emotional tensions of an unrequited love, culminating in the lines, “Hey baby I wanna feel so safe / But you don’t care / You can’t smell our love / Even if you have no cold.” The song is immersed in a dreamlike, surreal dimension, in which the protagonist feels out of place and awkward “I move in a strange way / Like an elephant in a glass factory”, but at the same time he senses that everything could return back to normality thanks to love “And if you are mine, I’ll become a rat in that glass factory.”

‘Shaping and adapting to changing dynamics, both personal and external, is perhaps the secret to surviving and enjoying what we like to do, which is our music, by pushing it forward in the purest and most sincere way. Our ears are like ‘instruments’ that savors and tastes the result of an elaborated thought that is transformed – at a later stage – into a production that guides us into the innermost part of our subconscious, until we explore feelings in all their forms and feebleness.’

About The Doormen

The Doormen are a rock band from Ravenna, composed of Vincenzo Baruzzi (vocals, guitar, drums) and Luca Malatesta (guitar). Formed in 2009, they released in November their first EP and 2 years later, in March 2011, their first self-titled album, produced by Paolo Mauri (Afterhours, Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, La Crus, Prozac +).

The resulting visibility allowed them to travel all around Italy as opening acts for Subsonica, Ash, The Vaselines, Preoccupations, The Chameleons, Ministri, Blood Red Shoes, Art Brut, Mark Moriss (The Bluetones) and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. In 2012 they won the regional selections of Arezzo Wave Love Festival and were invited to represent Emilia-Romagna at the Psycho Stage.

In March 2013 they released “Black Clouds”, their second full-length album, anticipated by the single ‘My Wrong World.’ In the same year they crossed the “Channel” to perform in England in three historical venues: The Water Rats, The Pavilion, Dublin Castle. In the August of the same year they have the privilege of playing as the opening act for Paul Weller and The Charlatans show at the Umbria Rock Festival.

In April 2015 the third album “Abstract [RA]” was released, representing a further evolution from the previous repertoire, with experimentations from psychedelia and more refined sounds: a journey not to the Mojave desert, but to the much less exotic one of the province.

In May 2015 the band embarked on a mini-tour in France, playing at Pop In in Paris and the Thunderbird Lounge in Saint-Étienne. During the following months they performed at Beaches Brew Festival and at the Sherwood Festival in Padua. In September 2016 they are part of the lineup at HOME Festival. On April 8th, 2019, Mia Cameretta Records / Goodfellas releases ‘Plastic Breakfast’ the band’s fourth studio album.

The sound becomes more direct and abrasive, the project comes to life during a three-days recording session: the results are much brighter and more sincere songs with 90s reminiscences.