The Doormen
The Doormen

Pair of indie rockers prepare for March single ‘Kill Me Right Now’ from April album ‘Abstract (ra)”‘

Based in Ravenna, Italy, The Doormen are indie rock duo Vins Baruzzi and Luca Malatesta. Currently getting ready for their 3rd album following some Italian success, they made their names with a 1980s New Romantic feel and are now looking to bridge the gap to the UK with their new releases.

Taking their music in a new direction with a move to more contemporary indie rock, The Doormen are an ambitious pair who are looking to become that rarest of things – an Italian act who can cross over into the British music market. And, based on the brilliant quality of their new material, they have a great chance of doing just that. The new album sees them work for the first time with award winning Italian producer Riccardo Pasini, and the results have been a huge step forward in the evolution of the band.

Kill Me Right Now
Kill Me Right Now

Although the upcoming single and album are their first full scale UK releases, The Doormen have a track record that proves they can make the jump into the hearts and minds of UK music followers. Having already toured/played with Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Ash, The Courteeners, The Vaselines, Blood Red Shoes, Art Brut, and Mark Moriss (The Bluetones), they now count these acts amongst their fans.

And as 2015 gets underway, The Doormen are set to continue making a splash on these shores. Want more proof? Check out some of the write-ups they’ve already been getting:

“…The Doormen not belie the expectations: in forty minutes throw themselves in a guitar rock that mixes post-punk, pop and a lot, but a lot of energy.” – ROLLING STONE

“… an urgent, solemn and gloomy rock album .”IL MUCCHIO

“…the album can unleash the most of all the cobalt blue of a wall of sound that made history. “RUMORE

“..Black Clouds has everything you need to make themselves heard and listen to: passion, sensitivity, clarity of ideas, and of course beautiful songs .. “ROCKIT

“..rarely an Italian group has managed to achieve such a level of quality.”ONDAROCK

‘Kill Me Right Now’ will be out March 9th with album ‘Abstract (ra)’ due for release on April 6th.