Based out in Hong Kong, Ink Element collates his lifelong experiences through electronic music and creates a deeply layered, digital music that reflects his life as a European living in the East, touching upon themes of expressiveness, communications and feelings.

“It’s about the weight of our societies and what prevents humans being their true selves,” he says about the ideas underlying the songs.

The first album, “Islands” is a collection of 8 stories happening over a night in Hong Kong, with characters haunted by obsessions, self-consuming greed, and at the same time expresses the theme of loneliness, when people become islands unable to build bridges between them.

“True Love Never Dies” (2024) will take a deeper dive into love relationships in the #MeToo era and at the same time, highlights distorted and degraded feelings generated by love as the matrix of all feelings.

Along with DJing under the avatar of Milk Element, and his work as an as author, The Ink Element’s capacity for sophisticated and deep storytelling is what sets them aside as an artist in our large and complex society.

SOURCE: Official Bio