The Lookout has today released their new single titled ‘I Know The Future’. Steaming with angst and streaming with rhythm, The Lookout deliver the goods as true punks should with the sincerity of youth and the passion of giants.

Musically, ‘I Know The Future’ has that rare quality of meanness and melody with a sharp bias for the true art of the craft, showing that they know how to play their instruments AND convey the message. Brilliant.

About The Lookout

The Lookout is a melodic punk rock band from Montreal fronted by the dynamic Martha Rockhard! Active in the local scene as well as in the rest of Quebec for several years now, the band has recorded and released three Eps independently which were produced by Ryan Battistuzzi (Malajube, Les Shirley, NOBRO, Yesterday’s Ring, etc.).

Their head-turning energetic performances have landed them on the rosters of some of the big festivals (’77 Montreal, Osisko en lumières, Osheaga, Festirock, Envol & Macadam, Pouzza Fest) and as opening acts for several renowned bands.