The Lets mix their influences of 60s and 70s hard rock with a pinch of Beatles and grunge. Honest and straightforward, the band delivers their songs in a modern, timeless guise, as a snapshot of authentic, earthy rock’n’roll. There’s something familiar about it and yet somehow it sounds fresh and new.

The Lets are four long-haired, bearded rock’n’roll dudes from Hamburg, who have been at home on the stages of venues such as Molly Malone or Drafthouse on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn for quite some time now and captivate everything that crosses their path with almost boundless energy and passion.

Together with their producer, Toma Moon, the four locked themselves in the legendary Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg in 2021 during the third lockdown in the coronavirus pandemic and recorded their first album “New Over Known”. The now defunct music club also plays a significant role in the sound of the record, which couldn’t be more authentic and doesn’t really need any more sub-genre designations. Because somehow it’s just pretty clear and straightforward rock that thunders towards you and offers everything you could wish for from such an earthy rock band, from very loud to quiet and calm.

Featured image by Lea Westphal.

SOURCE: Official Bio