the Jesus Lizard have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Hide & Seek’ from their upcoming album ‘Rack’ dropping September 13 via Ipecac Recordings.

What better way to say ‘We’re back!’ than a stomp worthy anthem for the angst showing that there is plenty of gas left in the tank and even more stench in the stank. Delivering a stronger than strong gateway drug for the medicine that is dosing on September 13th, ‘Hide & Seek’ teeters between fuck you and fuck off with all the asses kicked and enough shit in the toilet that is mainstream to cause an overflow of biblical proportions.

I could say that the guitars are the star here, being a guitarist myself, but that would be a disservice. The real star is the adrenaline. That pair of hands that pushes you through the track with fervent relevance for what music is and what should never be taken away from it.

About the Jesus Lizard

Since their inception in Chicago in 1987, the Jesus Lizard has thrilled audiences all over the planet. The impeccable rocket-thrust rhythm section of bassist David Wm. Sims and drummer Mac McNeilly was the perfect launchpad for guitarist Duane Denison’s jagged yet clean-toned riffing and vocalist David Yow’s mercurial vocalizations manifesting as everything from panicked citizen, reality escapee or wounded sea mammal. The Jesus Lizard’s fury has carried on through six studio albums, two live recordings and a brace of singles and EPs, with the band’s seventh album, Rack, out this Fall via Ipecac Recordings.

A preview of the 11-song album, ‘Rack’, arrives today with the release of “Hide & Seek,” a track David Yow describes as “a perky ditty about a witch who can’t behave, and it’s got nearly as many hooks as a Mike Tyson fight.” An accompanying video captures the foursome of Duane Denison, Mac McNeilly, David Wm. Sims, and Yow as they recorded the “ditty” with Producer Paul Allen at Nashville’s Audio Eagle Studio.

“There are definitely some references to the past,” Denison says, in reference to the album, adding, “but it’s more as a point of departure: We don’t stay there.”

the Jesus Lizard reconvened in 2009 for a finite number of shows, and have spent the intervening years as both friends in close contact with one another, and touring bandmates. “We literally only made the record because we thought it would be fun to make the record,” Sims shares. With McNeilly highlighting the strong relationship amongst the musicians: “We are bonded by the music we make, and also by the respect we have for each other.”

Featured image by Joshua Black Wilkins.

‘Rack’ album track list

'Rack' album cover.
‘Rack’ album cover.
  1. Hide & Seek
  2. Armistice Day
  3. Grind
  4. What If?
  5. Lord Godiva
  6. Alexis Feels Sick
  7. Falling Down
  8. Dunning Kruger
  9. Moto(R)
  10. Is That Your Hand?
  11. Swan The Dog