The Lost Millions hail from Cuernavaca in the west hills of Austin TX. This four piece rock n roll outfit features the chops of Matt Westfield on Vocals/Guitar, David Lines / Guitar, Scott Bettersworth / Drums & Heath McBurnett / Bass. Together they turn their diverse musical backgrounds into a one of a kind sound. Their live set takes the audience on a journey through the sounds of pop, post-punk, stoner rock, & psychedelic country-blues.

“From the droning and hypnotic drums/bass to the tastefully sprinkled guitar leads this band leaves you fully sonically satisfied. The singer reminds me of an angel who was sent here to tell you sad stories of despair while also uplifting you with sarcastic messages of hope. The lyrical blissfulness marries the psychotic scribblings perfectly. It’s like playing chicken with hints of Devine intervention. The subtle undertones of reason will enthrall you.”

SOURCE: Official Bio