The Skinny Limbs have today released their new single titled ‘To The Limit’ from their upcoming EP ‘Mozart for Martians’.

Filled with it’s own personality from that first note and brash sense of self, ‘To The Limit’ pushes it right to that spot with the bombastic flair and pop sensibility that takes the music just to the right spot found in the title without going over, just to make sure it didn’t leave anyone behind. I get the feeling, after now being halfway through the track, that we’re in for a wild ride when that EP comes out, not because of how this song sounds, but because of how this song is. I envision tracks distinct from each other but with each something to offer. I will call that ‘Mozart for Martins’. Enough said.

About ‘To The Limit’

“To The Limit” transports listeners to another world with its fluid, polyphonic cadence and feel-good vibes. In the latest offering from their upcoming EP, Mozart for Martians, the band describes the track as “their most raw release to date” and has put their best effort into encapsulating their equivocal feelings into it musically and lyrically. The song alludes to the transformative experiences that band member and brother Max Knoth endured in the summer of 2022, including ending a three-year relationship, transitioning to a new job, and being on the brink of relocating to Nashville, TN. Fitting into the more prominent themes of the EP – heartbreak, renewal, and remorse – “To The Limit” is a transcendental single, leaving listeners feeling like aliens in a brutal world. The track was produced by Connor Robertson and The Skinny Limbs, written by The Skinny Limbs, and mastered by Mike Cervantes (Dolly Parton, MisterWives, Anne Wilson).

The Skinny Limbs is a surfy indie pop band originating in Grand Rapids, MI, with a sound affected by the wind and waves of Lake Michigan. Comprised of three brothers, Max (Vocals, Guitar), Jake (Drums), and Nate Knoth (Bass, Vocals), along with Mitch Garcia (Keys) and Andrew Deters (Guitar), the band conjures up a lively blend of comforting melodies and upbeat rhythms to create a sound inspired by an evening drive along the shores of The Great Lakes. Their sound incorporates Japanese pop and jazz sounds and guitar riffs to create a surfy tone, also heavily influenced by rock greats like The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, and The Police. The Skinny Limbs have opened for notable bands such as Mildlife, Yuno, and The Lagoons, played on legendary Midwest stages such as Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI), Schuba’s (Chicago, IL), and HiFi (Indianapolis, IN), and performed an Audiotree Live Session in 2021.

About The Skinny Limbs

Comprised of brothers Max (Vocals, Guitar), Jake (Drums), and Nate Knoth (Bass, Vocals), along with Mitch Garcia (Keys), and Andrew Deters (Guitar), The Skinny Limbs bring a bright mix of soothing melodies and energetic rhythms together to create a sound inspired by the wind and waves of Lake Michigan. Fans of classic outfits such as The Beach Boys, The Police, and maybe even Henry Mancini will enjoy the band known as The Skinny Limbs. The boys put out two new singles in 2023, “Too Little Too Late” and “For So Long!” and plan on following up these strong releases in 2024 with a new EP titled Mozart for Martians, which will venture into sonic territory that has never been approached by the band to this point.