The Skinny Limbs has today released their new EP titled ‘Mozart for Martians’ via Wizards Only Records. Think of those glorious jam bands of decades past when you give ‘Mozart for Martians’ that first listen. Genres collide and styles infuse with each verse and chorus, insuring there is something for everyone, but doing it with a sound that makes as much sense as it does good music.

While you listen, keep in mind that this is a new band. This isn’t one of those iconic legends and this is not a classic album, yet. But you will hear that certain something that places this in your Spotify playlist and wonder ‘why is this not on vinyl yet?’.

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About ‘Mozart for Martians’

Mozart for Martians is a record infused with themes of heartbreak, rejuvenation, and regret, and sends fans to an entirely new auditory realm. It draws inspiration from band member Max Knoth’s life transformation in the summer of 2022, involving navigating the end of a three-year relationship, transitioning to a new job, and being on the verge of relocating to Nashville, TN. The Skinny Limbs skillfully portray these experiences using thought-provoking yet relatable lyrics and melodic sounds to encapsulate the abundant feelings evoked by these significant life events.

The EP features standout tracks “Too Little Too Late” and “To The Limit.” Both songs were released as singles and served as a captivating preview of the musical journey that the full release would offer. “Too Little Too Late” serves as the EP’s anthemic lead single and was the first song band member Max Knoth wrote as an emotional outlet following his breakup. The song skillfully melds elements from Japanese pop with indie to create a sonic tapestry that defies genre conventions. Its gut-punching lyrics resonate deeply with listeners leaving them with a palpable sense of angst, further intensifying the emotional journey encapsulated in the track.

As the track unfolds, the poignant combination of cultural influences and personal experiences gives it a distinctive flavor, making it relatable for those navigating the complexities of love and loss. “To The Limit” serves as the EP’s most raw release, depicting how a tragic heartbreak can leave someone feeling lost and alien in a brutal world. With a celestial blend of melodies and evocative lyrics, the song captures the emotions of confusion and frustration experienced while navigating life’s obstacles. At its core, “To The Limit” revolves around triumphing over unforeseen challenges in life, with the optimistic belief that a brighter future awaits.

The EP also includes unreleased tracks “Monday,” a jammy track signifying the emotional rollercoaster that was the week of Max Knoth’s breakup, “I Know You Care,” an older track that made its way onto the EP, and “For So Long!,” a groovy, chill track centering around the themes of confusion, patience and searching for clarity. Mozart for Martians was produced by Connor Robertson, Jake Rye, and The Skinny Limbs, written by The Skinny Limbs, and mastered by Mike Cervantes (Dolly Parton, MisterWives).

Originating from Grand Rapids, MI, The Skinny Limbs is a surfy indie pop band whose sound is influenced by the wind and waves of Lake Michigan. The band consists of three brothers Max (Vocals, Guitar), Jake (Drums), and Nate Knoth (Bass, Vocals), joined by Mitch Garcia (Keys) and Andrew Deters (Guitar), who create a vibrant fusion of comforting melodies and optimistic rhythms, drawing inspiration from the atmosphere of an evening drive along The Great Lakes.

Incorporating aspects from Japanese pop, jazz, and guitar riffs, they produce a surfy tone with notable influences from rock legends such as The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, and The Police. The Skinny Limbs have shared stages with renowned artists like Mildlife, Yuno, and The Lagoons, gracing iconic Midwest venues including Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI), Schuba’s (Chicago, IL), and HiFi (Indianapolis, IN). The band also showcased their talents in an Audiotree Live Session.

About The Skinny Limbs

Comprised of brothers Max (Vocals, Guitar), Jake (Drums), and Nate Knoth (Bass, Vocals), along with Mitch Garcia (Keys), and Andrew Deters (Guitar), The Skinny Limbs bring a bright mix of soothing melodies and energetic rhythms together to create a sound inspired by the wind and waves of Lake Michigan.

Fans of classic outfits such as The Beach Boys, The Police, and maybe even Henry Mancini will enjoy the band known as The Skinny Limbs. The boys put out two new singles in 2023, “Too Little Too Late” and “For So Long!” and plan on following up these strong releases in 2024 with a new EP titled Mozart for Martians, which will venture into sonic territory that has never been approached by the band to this point.