The Special Pillow has just premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Mind Wipe’. A subtle song for summer and fun get-together type track with a quirky underbelly and retro style.

Think sixties twangy guitars with eighties post modern, pre alternative rhythm with added originality just for good measure. Kind of like fIREHOSE meets REM meets The Dead Milkmen. Pretty eclectic, eh? Press play and find out for yourself. This is good.

About The Special Pillow

Mind Wipe is the latest, greatest release from The Special Pillow, a full-spectrum, string-driven sound encompassing concise ’60s-flavored pop gems, dreamy hallucinogenic reveries, and pulse-pounding propulsion redolent of your favorite antipodean indie upstarts of the ’80s. A sitcom-length salvo featuring six synapse-snapping songs that address Greek tragedy, artificial intelligence, and voluntary brain erasure, Mind Wipe will clear your consciousness of everything else.

Since 1995, The Special Pillow have trafficked in catchy and confounding songcraft that has earned them notable fans like Yo La Tengo, who covered the group’s classic “Automatic Doom” in 2015. The Pillow’s 2020 releases, the World’s Finest EP and a cover-version single of The Who’s “1921,” garnered extensive underground attention and accolades, but now Mind Wipe is here to make you forget all about that old news.

Mind Wipe is the group’s first project to be recorded at Brooklyn’s Deep Dive studio with longtime engineer Mitch Rackin. The band consists of bassist and songwriter Dan Cuddy (ex-Hypnolovewheel); Katie Gentile (Run On) on violin and viola; Peter Stuart (Headless Horsemen, Tryfles) on a remarkable selection of guitars; and Eric Marc Cohen (Fly Ashtray, Autobody) on drums and percussion.

Guest artists on Mind Wipe include renowned musical polymath Robbie Lee, who supplies eccentric embellishments on an outrageous arsenal of offbeat instruments; dynamic and distinctive horn work courtesy of Steven Levi (The Scene Is Now) and Cheryl Kingan (TSIN, 75 Dollar Bill); and a field recording of a fight among flamingos at the Bronx Zoo.


Pronouns are Dan = he/him; Eric he/him; Katie = she/her; Peter = he/him