The Test Drive: Various Artists - David Cameron's Eton MessDavid Cameron’s Eton Mess is a compilation of embryonic Scottish guitar bands, very few with any more than an EP or two available online. Most of the bands are friends and a lot of musicians feature on several of the album’s tracks, one of the reasons why Song By Toad Records put the compilation together. Label owner Matthew Young explains “it feels like there’s this pool of really talented musicians bubbling away and all sorts of excellent music is starting to emerge from the mix. Bands are forming, breaking up and starting again all the time. When you see a loose collection of bands connecting like this you never know what is going to happen. A few will disappear, some will do okay, some might pave the way for others, and a few of these bands could go on to do really well.”

This album is a snapshot of a really exciting time in Scottish music. So many talented young musicians are starting to find their feet and their friendships and musical interactions are generating a palpable sense of anticipation and energy.

David Cameron’s Eton Mess will be released on October 19th via Song By Toad Records.


  1. Lush Purr – Rut (Gavin Will)
  2. Sean Armstrong – With the Shivering Trees
  3. Breakfast Muff – Older Guy
  4. Dune Witch Trails – Motorcade
  5. Alansmithee – The Almighty Alan Smithee Blues
  6. Youngstrr Joey – Michael (Cal Donnelly)
  7. Spinning Coin – Late Late Late (Sean Armstrong)
  8. Chump – Sleep In (Bedroom Demo) (Tara Hally)
  9. Passion Pusher – Swamp Creature (James Gage)
  10. Andrew R. Burns and The Tropicanas – Delaydeez (Andrew Burns)
  11. Psychic Soviets – I Become a Feminist
  12. Joyce Delaney – Don’t Be an Asshole
  13. Wendell Borton – Saucy
  14. Froth – The Rat
  15. Dearness – It’s OK, You’re Fine (Ryan Drever)
  16. Pennycress – Stopped & Stared

Lush Purr –
Sean Armstrong –
Breakfast Muff –
Dune Witch Trials –
Alansmithee –
Youngstrr Joey – http://youngstrrjoey.bandcamp. com
Spinning Coin –
Chump –
Passion Pusher –
Andrew R. Burns and The Tropicanas –
Psychic Soviets –
Joyce Delaney –
Wendell Borton –
Froth –
Dearness –
Pennycress –