• The Test Drive: Fiona Brown – Demons

    Singer songwriter Fiona Brown is inspired by roots, rock and soul music and her latest EP ‘Demons’ sees her embracing these influences wholeheartedly. Demons represents a coming of age for the multi-instrumentalist who says she’s finally writing and producing the music she’s always wanted to. Brown’s debut single ‘Wisdom’ was

  • The Test Drive: Mike Milan Dedic – Mike Milan Dedic

    Virtuosity is never a feat easily achieved, but in those rare times there comes a musician who makes it easier than it actually is. Toronto guitarist Mike Milan Dedic is one such musician. Seamlessly molding the stylings of guitarists as varied as Yngwie Malmsteen, Rick Nielsen, Alex Lifeson, Steve Vai,

  • The Test Drive: .bipolar. – Seven

    Making metal with heart is never easy, but .bipolar. pull it off with brilliance. The tracks on “Seven” have groove and an aural assault second to none as each riff would wet any guitarist’s pallet and each scream is a wet dream in cacophony. Well done!   @bipolarmetal    About .bipolar.

  • The Test Drive: Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – Acoustic Variations

    Joe Symes and the Loving Kind go for a total switch of the gears with their latest outing, an EP titled “Acoustic Variations”.  If you’re lucky enough to know their previous eponymous album, then you will know how much of a departure “Acoustic Variations” is. This EP is also a

  • The Test Drive: Memories In Broken Glass – Enigma Infinite

    Masters of the thunderous rhythm, a.k.a. Memories In Broken Glass, are getting ready to release their upcoming album titled “Enigma Infinite”. The “memories” may be in broken glass but the solid hammerhead beat and seething guitars are firmly in the five members of M.I.B.G.. Take into account the sheer volume of

  • The Test Drive: Norquay – Vices

    “Vices”, the new EP by Norquay, is a varied texture of music genres combined in a seamless bliss of aural audacity that can re-invigorate the imagination of any music fan or musician proper. This is music at the next level. Bravo! About Norquay When the muse comes a calling there

  • The Test Drive: Under Static Movement – The Mirror

    A tight sound with a plethora of modernistic and unabashed hooks in every song, Under Static Movement are able to capture and re-release that special essence that so often aludes modern metal and that is solid tracks throughout an album. Each song writes it’s own signature and emerses the listener

  • The Test Drive: Sounds of Sputnik – New Born Remixed

    How many times can you remix a track or two and keep it fresh? Well, Sounds of Sputnik can prove that every good song has unlimited possibilities as long as you keep the hook intact. And that is exactly what they do with the help of some well choiced friends,

  • The Test Drive: Something Like December – We’ll All Die Laughing

    Something Like December has released their refreshing new EP titled “We’ll All Die Laughing” featuring 7 tracks of fueled and on-point musicianship designed to keep the listener’s attention as much as a well-crafted author. Each track stands on its own with hooks abound and each its own personality to the point

  • The Test Drive: Citrus Clouds – Imagination

    Citrus Clouds really give a surrealist view of Shoegaze in the most honest and fulfilling way possible. Above all else, they have a sense of complexity about their music in that their music, song by song, each gives a distinct emotional resonance that can make you relate and feel each

  • The Test Drive: James Edge and the Mindstep – Machines He Made

    The songs that would ultimately form ‘Machines He Made’, the second album from James Edge and The Mindstep, had their beginnings in the band’s 2013 tour. With a slimmed down gigging lineup featuring just acoustic guitar, double bass and drums, frontman James Edge was obsessively writing songs and complex pieces

  • The Test Drive: The Missendens – The Missendens

    The Missendens are a rare breed: a band of like-minded individuals who have all earned their stripes the hard way, treading the boards at countless gigs for countless bands before coming together to create songs of undeniable importance. Like a lot of great music, The Missendens’ tracks began with a

  • The Test Drive – Electric Sheep – The Exciting New Sounds of Electric Sheep

    Eclectic at the core and enigmatic in execution, Electric Sheep have recorded an obscure masterpiece that is part rock, part shock, strongly solid and presented with a lucid fascination for popular music with “The Exciting New Sounds of Electric Sheep”. These new sounds are not only exciting but captivating. Each

  • The Test Drive: Hook Turns – Night Shift

    Eclectic at the core and creative all the way to the top, Hook Turns new LP “Night Shifts” accomplish a complex yet serene journey musically with each and every song. Each track captures a moment, not just from the songwriter, but for the listener as well. This is an album

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