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    The Test Drive: Dreamers – Dreamers (10th Anniversary Edition)

    Dreamers have today released the 10th anniversary of their incarnation via GIVE/TAKE. A solid take that shows time can have no meaning in music gives a landscape of digital dystopia via a dynamic duo that should just get back together. Harsh and hard with hints of hip in all the right places, this is an album that sounds as fresh in this decade as it would in any other.
    Exciting!! Excellent!!

    The Test Drive: Exciting!! Excellent!! – TYSM!!!!!!

    Exciting!! Excellent!! has released their new EP titled 'TYSM!!!!!!'. A new single followed by a new EP is incoming from Portland, Oregon’s one-woman, emo-chiptune extravaganza, exciting!!excellent!!. With a title as enthusiastic as the band’s name, tysm!!!!!! is Jasmine Mcelroy’s second release using the moniker exciting!!excellent!!
    Sunstroke Rain

    The Test Drive: Sunstroke Rain – Spark

    Sunstroke Rain is set to drop her new album titled 'Spark' on June 11th. Sunstroke Rain delivers a fresh sound with 'Spark' that envisions diversity with sheer creativeness. Powerful percussion lays a foundation of...
    Cade Hoppe

    The Test Drive: Cade Hoppe – Everything That’s Wrong With You + New Video

    Cade Hoppe has today released his new EP titled 'Everything That's Wrong With You'. Bright colors shine through the speakers with every track on this EP that, in my opinion, is all too short, yet I consider but a taster of a brilliant career ahead.
    Julian Rose

    The Test Drive: Julian Rose – How Deep

    Julian Rose has today released his 3 track EP titled 'How Deep'. Blending genres with little effort combines elements for everyone from an artist that turns influences into feeling. Mastered by a master and recorded with passion, 'How Deep' shows how deep his flow is. And, lets face it, these songs are catchy as hell.
    Mountains Like Wax

    The Test Drive: Mountains Like Wax – Before There Was Plenty + Q&A

    The evocatively named Mountains Like Wax released a full-length album this year entitled Before There Was Plenty.

    The Test Drive: Winachi – Intoxicated

    Winachi is set to drop their new EP titled 'Intoxicated', featuring Rafael Aragon, on May 20th as a Bandcamp Exclusive.
    Yuni Wa

    The Test Drive: Yuni Wa – Hyperdrive

    Yuni Wa has today released his new album titled 'Hyperdrive'. From that wicked taster we got last month comes the entrée. Eight songs of sonic goodness that range from electronic to funk to everything else all mashed together in a delicately bound cosmic gash of music from the mind of a musical master.
    Zach Fletcher

    The Test Drive: Zack Fletcher – Ohio Reveries + Q&A

    It's always impressive when a musician is able to match melody and landscape. Records influenced by geography have the power to transport us from our current context into a new world. And that's precisely what Zack Fletcher's newest album, Ohio Reveries, aims to do. With glittering arrangements and vulnerable lyrics, Fletcher brings the flora and fauna of Ohio to a wider audience.

    The Test Drive: Fubar – State of Mind + Q&A

    Fubar’s newest record “State Of Mind” delivers an eclectic mix of reggae-rock, punk rock, and ska culminating in a style all their own. After permanently incorporating their own horn section in 2019, the band has grown exponentially in sound and performance.
    Indii G.

    The Test Drive: Indii G. – Riverhouse + New Video

    Indii G. has today released his new EP titled 'Riverhouse', as well as the new video for the track 'Soul' via Epitaph Records.
    Elise Hayes

    The Test Drive: Elise Hayes – Human Heart

    Elise Hayes has today released her new EP titled 'Human Heart'. You could say that this is a straight up R&B album, but that would be a gross injustice. I would argue that Elise's...
    Otoboke Beaver

    The Test Drive: Otoboke Beaver – Super Champon + Tour Info

    Otoboke Beaver has today released their new album titled 'Super Champon'. Energetic Japanese genre-stitching originality with sheer adorable rebellion that has such a feeling of pure energy and synergy that you can't help but instantly fall in love with this band as well as anything they release.
    Orchester Der Kulturen

    The Test Drive: Orchester Der Kulturen – A World Symphony

    Orchester der Kulture is set to release their new album titled 'A World Symphony' tomorrow (May 6th). Spanning the sonic globe and creating something totally new with the combined efforts of each and every...
    Ponderosa Glee Boys

    The Test Drive: Ponderosa Glee Boys – Demi Gods Of Bedlam

    Ponderosa Glee Boys are set to drop their new album titled 'Demi Gods of Bedlam' on May 5th.From the gutter and the grave comes for a solid resurrection with a band and signature sound...
    Bob Flemming

    The Test Drive: Bob Fleming – Remnents

    Alt-Country is on the rise again it seems, and within that genre you can certainly use the modern day joys to experiment and go beyond the norm. This is certainly the case with Bob...

    The Test Drive: Koncept – Lucy + New Video

    Koncept has today released his new EP titled 'Lucy'. An ode to the one who gave him life, Koncept pays is respect and gratitude the best way a child can do for his mother; with ones own creativity. That better life she made for her son is perfectly reflected in and throughout this EP.
    Ruins - Pure At Heart

    The Test Drive: Ruins – Pure at Heart

    Ruins is set to drop their new album titled 'Pure at Heart' on June 17th. Picking up where their previous debut 'Sample Size' leaves off, there is a deeper dive into that signature sound...
    Maze - Chaos Interrupted

    The Test Drive: Maze – Chaos Interrupted

    Maze has today released their new album titled 'Chaos Interrupted'. This is an album that, to me, is the perfect example of what a true album should be. A set of songs that flow into each other in such a way as to create a flow, much like a good book.

    The Test Drive: Pershagen – Hilma

    Pershagen has today released their new album titled 'Hilma'. Recorded and mastered in its own world, 'Hilma' showcases this Swedish band's virtuosic highlights while also giving us a glimpse into their musical minds and...
    Tone Ranger

    The Test Drive: Tone Ranger – Desert Rose

    Tone Ranger is set to release his new album titled 'Desert Rose' on May 6th. A continuance of the evolution brought by 'Follow The Sun', his previous EP, 'Desert Rose' sees a bit...
    Linnea's Garden

    The Test Drive: Linnea’s Garden – Fashion Show + Exclusive Interview

    There's some music that makes you feel a part of something. That invites you in, either to a personal memory or a cultural phenomenon. Boston trip Linnea's Garden manages to welcome us into both, walking the tightrope between personal and public as if it were a wide trail. Their newest record, Fashion Show, offers homages to post-punk and insightful lyrics on the relationship of personhood and performance.
    Joey Harkum

    The Test Drive: Joey Harkum – Salt and Tar + Tour Dates

    Joey Harkum has today released his new album titled 'Salt and Tar'. Homegrown Americana and easy going travel-rock, Joey Harkum paints an endearing portrait of life, love, loss, and longing with a set of songs individually wrapped in honesty and presented with pride and affection.
    Plain Mister Smith

    The Test Drive: Plain Mister Smith – I’m Just Plain Mister Smith

    Plain Mister Smith has today released his new full-length LP titled 'I'm Just Plain Mister Smith'. A wide and varied rock/pop project a long time in the making, this next evolution in this artist's revolution sees a deepening of the earlier EP and adds more dimensions with a welcoming and unique blend of sounds that create a beautiful experience with day-making hooks and vivid sonic pastels.
    Udoka Malachi

    The Test Drive: Udoka Malachi – Palace Lumumba

    Udoka Malachi has released his new album titled 'Palace Lumumba'. Recorded after a hiatus and with a fresh outlook on life, love, and genre hopping influences, Udoka takes said influences and makes a hip "pop' soul opus with RnB, jazz, and bits of rock underlying the lyrics of someone whose lived those lyrics and not merely mirrored life and took what they thought would be cool.