Various artists have come together to release a new compilation album titled ‘Devil In A Black Dress’. Consider it an ‘enhance of trance’, ‘decadence on the dancefloor’, or a ‘reimage of rave’ and everything in between, whatever you call it, it sounds monstrous. a bombastic ‘best-of’ remix compilation that can be considered a soundtrack to the underground.

About ‘Devil In A Black Dress’

Celebrating 20 years of making music for the dark side. A ‘Best of Halo Askew’ of sorts. Starting with LifeLine – originally conceived around 2000 and is probably known by another name. There are tracks with Mind Static, Aversion Theory, Claus Larsen, Jason Bazinet, Dismantled, Jay Ruin, and Melodywhore to spice it up a little. Also includes some previously unreleased tracks. “ I feel like I earned my ‘Poor Man’s Metropolis Records’ status on this one”

KRIS HALO PIERCE (AKA DJ Halo/Haunted Echo) is a multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer and author with placements at MTV, Interscope, ViacomCBS, Sony Creative, Cleopatra Records, Distortion Productions, and TagWizz (Music Mash: Alexa Skills); just to name a few. His sound is often referred to as Balearic Beat and Cinematic Ambient, but he’s best known for his work with the Electro-Pop artist, Kim Cameron, which has been recognized by the Global Music Awards, Latitude Film Awards, the European Independent Film Award, and the Orlando Film Festival, in addition to being remixed by the Grammy Award winning, Bimbo Jones Duo.

He stars as Steve the Starfish (in addition to writing original music) in the upcoming children’s animated film, Seaper Powers, and there was also that time he performed on America’s Got Talent (8 million viewers). He’s even worked on Broadway (Gettin’ The Band Back Together). He owns and operates Halo Askew Entertainment (BMI) – a multi-platform, boutique publishing company based in New Jersey.

DJ Halo released numerous albums under the name Haunted Echo. Most notably, singles ShapeTracer and Runaway received promotional sponsorship and publication by ViacomCBS. Kirs has also done an Underground goth project called Resident51 with Claus Larsen (Leaetherstrip), Jason Bazinet (SMP, Front Line Assembly), Zef Noise (Peter Murphy, Jonathan Davis), and Elaine Benavides (NativeLab).