World renowned voice builder The Maestro Gary Catona and producer Mark Skelton have launched what could become the world’s biggest reality show ever.

Presently on a European tour with singer Aneeka, who is part of the tour, they have started their quest to find the next great Diva, searching for eight amazing voices to take to the next level along with a ninth contestant from the U.S., to become nothing less than ” The Ultimate Diva” and win a lucrative record deal with a major label.

Gary Catona was first profiled in the New York Times in 1985 in connection to his work with Muhammad Ali, who suffered from a vocal disorder related to Parkinson’s syndrome. Since then, his unique system has been featured in nearly every major publication in the U.S. and many internationally. He was the subject of intense media attention because of his work as Whitney Houston’s voice builder for the final seven years of her life.

After the loss of Whitney Houston, Gary Catona realised that the world had lost the beauty and amazingness of great ladies:

“A Diva, to the true meaning of the word, is a woman of outstanding talent in the world of music having class, elegance, respect, and transmits that to the world. When you think of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, you recognize a diva.” Gary’s mission is to find that exceptional woman, and introduce her to the world.

The contestants will not only be taught how to improve their voices, but will also be life coached to learn how to manage success. Nothing is more powerful than a women who thrives in all aspects of her life. ”The Ultimate Diva Show” will be different than other reality shows like “The Voice” or “American Idol,” since it will be about following the evolution of these women during the 12 week competition, while being trained by the Maestro and his revolutionary ”Ultimate Voice Builder™,” as well as by Hollywood choreographers, producers and song writers.

Karl Talbot, long time business partner and friend of Gary Catona, is responsible for finding “the Wild Card,” a 10th contestant chosen worldwide (applications accepted until January 5, 2015) who will be brought into a prestigious Hollywood mansion to compete for the “The Ultimate Diva” title. “We have the chance of working with who is by far the most innovative and greatest Voice Builder of the world. Gary has over 200 celebrity students that he has trained throughout his career. His technique is so unique that he became the most sought after voice builder in the industry. I’ve worked with Gary for over a decade now, he is not only the Maestro of the voice but also teaches values to his students which transforms their voices and their souls. That is what will make someone go from a singer to a Diva,” says Karl Talbot.

Gary Catona’s ”Ultimate Voice Builder™” is available to the general public to help transform voices to build more powerful lives, and may be part of the Show. To discover the secret behind the great voices used by the world’s greatest singers, actors, entertainers and public speakers, visit

“If you’ve registered to other competitions and were ever declined, then this is your chance to join ‘The Ultimate Diva,'” says Gary Catona. Visit

The eight European finalists will be announced on December 12.