Italian metalcore outfit Cry Excess have recently signed with Luxor Records (As They Sleep, It Lies Within) and will release their brand new album, entitled Ambition Is The S***, January 6th. The new album will be the follow up to the band’s 2013 This Is Core Records’ The Deceit and follows in the footsteps of their supporting dates with the likes of Walls Of Jericho, Miss May I, Heart Of A Coward, and Attila. Ambition Is The S*** showcases ten tracks that fuses metalcore, death metal, nu-metal, and heavy groove sections into a hard hitting album that has already gotten fans into a frenzy. The album is currently available to be pre-ordered from iTunes with all pre-order purchases getting three tracks immediately after purchasing.

AMBITION IS THE S*** (January 6th)

  1. Rips*** (Hands Up For The Italians)
  2. The Public Enemy
  3. Hustler
  4. Ambition Is The S***
  5. What Keeps Us Alive
  6. You Hate Because You Can’t Compete
  7. Rebel, Forever
  8. Unto Death
  9. Neither Forgive Nor Forget
  10. I Never Liked Clowns

Cry Excess has also announced two tours to kick 2015 off with, the first being in Japan before hitting the road in Russia. The first tour is a solo run begins January 19th in Shinjuku, Tokyo and funs five days and ending January 24th in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The Russian tour begins shortly thereafter on January 29th before ending February 8th in Moscow. Cry Excess will be supported by Burden Is Burning and As Mercy Comes on the Russian set off dates. The band is expected to continue touring throughout Europe during 2015 while also planning to hit the United States as well. Fans can expect more dates to be announced as they are finalized.

Japan Tour January 2015

Japan Tour January 2015
Japan Tour January 2015
  • 1/19 – Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • 1/20 – Nagoya, Aichi
  • 1/21 – Shinsaibashi, Osaka
  • 1/23 – Tokyo
  • 1/24 – Chiyoda, Tokyo

Ambition Is The S*** Russian Tour

Ambition Is The S*** Russian Tour
Ambition Is The S*** Russian Tour
  • 1/29 – Yekaterinburg
  • 1/30 – Cheliabinsk
  • 1/31 – Kurgan
  • 2/1 – Tyumen
  • 2/2 – Perm
  • 2/3 – Izhevsk
  • 2/5 – Toliatti
  • 2/6 – Saratov
  • 2/7 – Nizhny Novgorod
  • 2/8 – Moscow

About Cry Excess:
Italian metalcore outfit Cry Excess was formed in the late spring of 2011 by vocalist Jaxon Vex, his brother and guitarist Andrew Vex, and drummer Brian Nox before eventually adding guitarist Mark Agostini. During the summer of that year, the band began recording their debut full length entitled Blur in their hometown of Turin. The album would be self-released in September of 201, just a few weeks before the band departed on a ten day UK run of dates. During 2012 the band focused on taking their fusion of metalcore, death metal, nu-metal, and heavy groove on the road. During the year they hit Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Slovakia, and Russia while supporting such acts like Korn and Papa Roach.

In the first part of 2013, the band hit Russia again by supporting Funeral For A Friend before playing the Next Generation Festival that was headlined by Papa Roach. In September of 2013, the band went back into the studio to record what would eventually become The Deceit. The album would be released on This Is Core Records during November of 2013. The band would then tour in Ukraine and Russia in the follow months supporting the likes of Walls Of Jericho, Vanilla Sky, Miss May I, Heart Of A Coward, and Attila. In November of 2014, the band announced their signing with American label Luxor Records and is set to release Ambition Is The S*** on January 6th, 2014.