1. UFO The Well Bears 3:30

Do you believe in aliens?? Do they visit earth and sometimes even abduct innocent people? Do governments cover up information about the true nature of UFOs? Or is it all just a huge, baseless conspiracy?

One software engineer who is convinced that it is all real, met a music producer named Shay Moshe Moshe, and together they founded The Well Bears – a musical project which is half cynical and half serious, and which tells the story of a man who is abducted by aliens and finds love.

Ron Welber, the software engineer who has nothing to do with singing whatsoever, is determined to stimulate a more serious public discourse on UFOs and aliens through music. Hence he wrote a song about UFO abductions. The original plan was for someone else to sing the song, but during production Shay decided that the best person to sing it was actually Ron, who had the message and the vision.

UFO tells a classic abduction story, and sounds like it was made in the 70s with some contemporary innovations. The style is alternative rock, but it can be said that even in this aspect it remains true to its name as a kind of musical UFO.

Oh, and there’s a clip too. You are more than welcome to watch it, but keep in mind that it may change everything you have ever thought about aliens.

SOURCE: Official Bio