Ashton Nyte has released his new video for the track titled ‘Shadow Call’, from their latest album ‘This Alchemy’. One thing I have realized about anything Ashton Nyte does is that he is a world builder. He creates entire environments with his music, whether it’s The Awakening, his solo work, or anything he works on.

With parts that are dark and more that are introverted, ‘Shadow Call’ gives us much to ponder. While Ashton has one of the most unique and gifted voices in any genre, we get a landscape for that voice to stretch and bend with any contortion the music wishes to follow.

The video leaves enough to interpretation to get fully immersed in. And while we may get a taste of the feeling and overview of depression and other forms of mental illness, what sets ‘Shadow Call’ apart is the fact that it’s relatable. We can find a piece of ourselves within the lyrics, embedded in each note. I have to admit, I suffer from depression. I have my whole life. It is crippling at times. That feeling of worthlessness and helplessness is like a wet blackened blanket that is hard to get out from under. This song tells me that I am not alone and that this is not something to keep to one’s self. Speak up, speak out, and hold on. Music can do a lot of things. It can haunt. It can hurt. It can expose. And it can help. this is an awakening.

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About The Awakening & ‘Shadow Call’

Gothic Rock act The Awakening has released a new music video for “Shadow Call” from their most recent album, This Alchemy. “Shadow Call” is the third single from the album and features a dramatic and cinematic black and white video created by frontman Ashton Nyte.

The song and video are essentially about dealing with depression and other forms of mental illness. I believe that if we feel safe enough to speak about these challenges, we have a better chance to cope with them and hopefully overcome them. At the very least, I would like to stand in solidarity with all who suffer from these illnesses. There should be no shame in suffering or seeking help.

Ashton Nyte

“Feel the shadow call
And shimmer as the ice
Begins to fall
With all we’ve denied”

Music and lyrics by Ashton Nyte. Published by Intervention Arts / ASCAP (2021)

Now based in the USA, The Awakening is a dark musical project originally from South Africa, founded by singer, songwriter, and producer Ashton Nyte. The Awakening has released 10 albums to date. Ashton Nyte has also collaborated with members of The Mission, Peter Murphy, The Cure, Beauty In Chaos, and many more. Nyte released his first book of poetry and short stories and his 7th solo album, Waiting For A Voice, in 2020.

Featured image by Todd Davis.