Very exciting news, The Windmills Project ‘The Death Disco’ EP is currently charting number 1, above Mark Ronson and Burno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’ on the King Of Spins Top 40!

Top rated tracks – the Kings of Spins Top 20

  1. The Windmills Project – Death Disco EP – The Remixes – Station K Recs (Hse)
  2. Robert Clivilles-Set Me Free-C&C Music Factory Recs (HOUSE)
  3. Lenny Fontana ft. D-Train – Raise Your Hands – Karmic Power-RFC (HOUSE)
  4. Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk Remixes – RCA Recs (House)
  5. Inaya Day – Great Is The Lord – Ny-O-dae Music (House)
  6. Tony Moran feat Martha Wash – Free People – Radikal Recs (HOUSE) Remixes
  7. Seventh Stranger – Suffocation – Anticodon
  8. Rozalla – If You Say It Again – Rozalla Music – Part 2
  9. Martin Garrix feat Usher – Don’t Look Down – RCA Recs
  10. Dirty Disco ft Debby Holiday – Lift (Dave Aude Mixes) – DDM
  11. Robin Schulz ft Jasmine Thompson – Sun Goes Down Remixes – WMG
  12. Gaia & Luna – The Calling EP (Promo) – Everness Music (HOUSE)
  13. Tavo & Yomanda – Sunshine 2015 – Tazmania Recs
  14. A3 – Come With Me – Wonderfly Music (Trance-ProgHouse)
  15. Gary Caos & Kaycee – Waiting – Juicy Music (HOUSE)
  16. Rev D – Bojango – Hoax Recs – House-Afro House
  17. TOCADISCO – His Name Is Jack – Skint Recs (HOUSE)
  18. Fizzom – Strike It Up – 516 Music – Club House
  19. Madison Park + Beechkraft – MIX EP – basicLUX Records (Hed Kandi House)
  20. Stay Key “On The Line (Remixes)” On-The-Go Music (Club Dance)

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The Windmill Project
The Windmill Project

Coming on May 7th, General Election Day, on limited edition 10” vinyl only, The Death Disco EP represents the first of 3 x 10” vinyl only Chapters comprising the debut album to be released by The Windmills Project – a rock opera influenced but not contained by the classics of the genre (Tommy, Quadrophenia) and Nic Roeg’s celluloid masterpiece “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”

There is no Bowie or Sting, no Elton, but a young sorceress lands on Earth nonetheless to document a small world obsessed with, and about to be consumed by, sex, propaganda, powerlust, religious war & social carnage. Is she an archangel of redemption or the darkangel sent to cast the planet down in misery? There’s the rub.

Brand New Deep Web KolleKtiv, The Windmills Project shake a Molotov of art, film, realpolitik, cyber-skullduggery and dark beats. Comprising the sorceress and various digitally linked creative cells from Wessex, Leicester, Nottingham, Rotherham, Cumbria, Cambridge and London, The Windmills Project will release the “Death Disco” and the subsequent Chapters of the opera on 10″ vinyl only on their own Station K Records label. Remixes have already been completed by Superstylers, Gordon John and North2South for the Death Disco. The Evolution will not be televised, but the remixes and the vinyl are ready to roll.

The Death Disco EP is now available to be watched and stripped at YouTube via the Station K channel. Rip it up.

Death Disco EP
Give Me The Night
Shanti Town
The Preacher’s Song