Canadian company Pick Heaven has produced the world’s thinnest guitar pick, measuring just 0.2mm thick. Made of woven carbon fiber, the same material as bulletproof vests and Formula-1 race cars, the pick is nearly indestructible, unlike most other thin picks that wear down quickly. Carbon fiber also transfers sound vibration much faster than wood or plastic, and the fiber weave helps to keep it firmly in place between the fingers. The pick retails for $3.49.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Pick Heaven is an innovator in high-tech guitar accessories, driven to produce musician tools using new materials that produce the unique tones to quench a guitarist’s tonal thirst. In addition to their thinnest 0.2mm pick, they produce thicker sizes up to 1mm, custom shapes such as the teardrop and jazz guitar style, as well as carbon fiber slides and Teflon picks. Each of these products produces a tone of their own, ranging from a bright, clear sound of carbon fiber to the smooth, warm tone produced by Teflon.

What’s so special about a guitar pick? Today, picks are made from a wide range of materials – nylon, polyethylene, celluloid and other variations of plastic. While they seem innocuous, much of a guitar’s tone depends on the type of pick used. In general, the harder the pick, the brighter and more biting the tone produced. But it’s a balance of materials, because hard picks, such as metal, will chew up the surface of guitar tops and fretboards quickly. On the other hand, thinner picks themselves tend to rip, tear and generally wear out faster. Intense strumming might grind down a thin pick in mid-song, so the ideal is a thin pick that can stand up to wear and tear. Carbon fiber delivers that strength, durability and bright tone that many guitar players are looking for.

Jonathan Kaiser of New York, NY wrote about the pick: “I have played relentlessly for 4-5 hours a day for a week now, using just one pick, and it literally has no wear anywhere on it. The tip is as sharp as the day I opened it. If I ever have to buy a set of picks again it will only because I misplaced these – or someone stole it! And impressively, the sound is especially pure, with no pick noise, only the notes, the way it should be.”

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