From My Bedroom Project was established in early 2013 and is an imaginative abstraction that embraces homespun creativity in its honest and rawest form. There is definitely such a thing as real life magic behind combining “Intention with Action”….

The Bedroom Project aspires to share the journey with you, the learning, the creative adventures and misadventures in hope that I can encourage community spirit in the artistic realms. I aspire to help people with different artistic abilities to network together to further develop their ideas and to contribute to the global community of art and humanity.

Meet Alexis (Goldilocks)
Get a load of this transient little gypsy…… This girl is the provocateur and initiator of The Bedroom Project.

Legal writer by day, creative luminary by night. Alexis is a long legged, locked lass and a lover of life, lollies and lyrics.

She toils in her bedroom hour after hour creating music, writing lyrics, recording vocals, doing film production and dreaming up crazy concoctions to share with the world wide web. She’s a humanitarian at heart and the golden thread that ties the project together

”Creative Expression” can be our tool to free ourselves, to free our minds, extend our hearts, share our thoughts, express our souls and embrace our community ….A gift to ourselves and for those who bare witness to the beautiful transformation that one experiences when being true to themselves and honouring this truth. The commercial realms may have become a diluted pool of repetition and insensibility but you and I know better than to accept this as our axiom.