High Anxiety
High Anxiety

Thom Sonny Green’s debut solo project, “High Anxiety”, is out today via his own label Sudden Records (in conjunction with Infectious) in the UK and Canvasback in the US. The album is a far cry from his work as alt-J’s drummer, experimenting with the more cerebral side of electronic production in the vein of Clams Casino, Arca, Aphex Twin and others. High Anxiety highlights Thom’s long-standing interest in the more abstract spaces of electronica with an album that is warm yet experimental, playful yet considered, superficially accessible yet simultaneously deep, while demonstrating his complete artistry as songwriter, producer, and visual artist. In addition, fans can visit Thom’s website to create their own mixes of several bonus tracks that don’t appear on the album.

The album’s diverse 21 tracks (premiered in full via Billboard) were produced over the course of two years on the road with alt-J, drawing inspirations all over the world. Green displays a true auteur’s knack for versatility, hopscotching effortlessly from the pastoral, Boards of Canada esoterica of tracks like “Oslo” and “Palms” to the narcotised, lysergic, trip hop of “Ping,” and the ominous, juddering rhythms of “Blew” and “Large,” which wouldn’t sound out of place on a David Lynch soundtrack. Green teamed up with visual artist and director Nichola Farnan, creating unique pieces of video art to accompany each track, forming a completely immersive experience for the listener, allowing them to lose themselves in Green’s distinctive, surreal, all-encompassing world.

The album and its visualizers are available for streaming everywhere digitally, plus limited CD and vinyl copies HERE.

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  1. Vienna
  2. 40 Beers
  3. Market
  4. System
  5. Blew
  6. Arizona
  7. Oslo
  8. Ping
  9. Cologne
  10. Houston
  11. Oakland
  12. VVVV
  13. Phoenix
  14. Large
  15. Palms
  16. Beach
  17. Grounds
  18. Preach
  19. Christ
  20. Meh
  21. Neon Blue