Experimental is always a good thing to see when we get new material from indie artists. Especially when it’s as catchy as American Anymen’s new song “Beach and the Sun”. And the video totally matches the vibe of the music.

Shot in a retro VHS style, American Anymen harken back to the music of the Cold War and Reaganomics by fusing New Wave, Post Modern, and the bouncing vibe of the alternative scene when alternative was truly alternative. How’s that for an alternative? Enough said.

About American Anymen
American Anymen present their new video for ‘Beach and the Sun’, the second single from their new album “Start My Center”, on the trail of their first single ‘Selectively Stupid’. This is the band’s 11th album, produced by Jen Turner (Natalie Merchant, Here We Go Magic), also known for her involvement in recording Swans’ latest album ‘The Glowing Man’.

American Anymen is an Antifolk band, created by Brett Sullivan in 1999 in NYC’s Lower East Side. With an unconventional approach to guitar, their sound is an eclectic mix of folk punk with indie rock and old school hip-hop.

With singer/songwriter and guitarist Brett Sullivan as its core, American Anymen’s current lineup also includes Tracy Brooks (Herman Dune, Team B/ Bright Moments) on drums, and Harlem-based 20-year-old Nova Luz (The Amputees) on bass. All members share vocal duties. Past members include James Levy, Aaron Wilkinson, and LISE.

Unique to American Anymen is the band’s strong politics and ethical importance placed on the creative process over lavish equipment. “How you create is as important as what you create,” says Brett Sullivan. The new video emphasizes the downside of globalization, while the previous video for ‘Selectively Stupid’ focuses on controversial accompanying video underlines the sad state of police brutality and social injustice encountered these days.

“There is some sense of unity in contradictions. There can be no good without bad, there can be no up without down, or rich without poor. This song is about how easily it is to live in the U.S. and pretend you not a part of the world’s problems,” explains frontman Brett Sullivan. “Most people think if U love your family, generally respect nature and have a positive outlook on life, you are not part of the crisis that humanity is facing. There are problems, though, and the U.S. is leading the nations of the world in a competition to destroy the planet, to lock out the hungry fleeing from war, and economically dominate all.”

Having shared the stage with the likes of Paleface, The Moldy Peaches, and Jeffrey Lewis, some highlights of American Anymen’s shows include (le) Poisson Rouge, Palisades, Hammerstein Ballroom, and Helsinki’s National Theatre.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“Cleverly worded, right to the point… sonically like a steamroller clearing the debris before it or a snowball barrelling down a hill, gaining momentum as it ascends… gets under your skin (and circles in your head) in the same way as R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of the World (And We Know it)”
– Louder Than War

“American Anymen slams its fist into the corrupt and broken down institutions of the USA… While the music hits the listener head-on, it’s the raging vocal and lyrics vitriol that strikes the target dead-on”
– Northern Transmissions

“Bits of hardcore, indie, sludge punk, and avant-garde rock to create a hybrid that is both herky-jerky and catchy. Take a little Guided by Voices and a little Butthole Surfers and you might wind up with a little something like this”
– Punk News

“So just what is American Anymen on about? The American dream gone wrong… with an awesomely jagged sonic formula drawing me back to have another listen”
– The Spill Magazine