TIFFY has today released her new album titled ‘So Serious’ via Totally Real Records. With an already signature sound, TIFFY explodes with a bombastic debut filled with grit and glamour with eleven tracks that could easily each be a lead single and represent their artist with the bravado of a future legend.

While you ingest each of the sonic morsels, remember, this is a new artist and this is her debut outing. Having said that, remember that she also has a long, long career ahead of her and sit back in awe knowing that the best is yet to come. Fantastic debut.


TIFFY’s So Serious is an indelible debut by any measure—raw and honest, packed with melody and grit, delivered with pure unvarnished sincerity and in a way where it leaves a mark on whoever listens to it. Across these 10 songs, Tiffany Sammy distills decades of musical know-how, as well as countless sounds across the FM dial and deep in the underground, to establish a sound that is thoroughly her own. This is music that brims with unmistakable personality, with lyrics that might feel as if they’ve been lifted from your brain. Having your mind read never felt so good.

Even though Sammy is currently Boston-based, she grew up in California and fell in love with the crunchy and catchy rock that dominated ‘90s radio airplay. At the age of 11, she was inspired to take musical matters into her own hands after seeing School of Rock the first time: “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have to learn how to play music. That is so cool,’” she recalls. After studying music production and recording in college, Sammy established TIFFY after she graduated from school as a way to “blow off steam” from the daily grind of 9-5 life.

After two EPs as well as countless shows establishing her as a formidable live presence in the Boston and New England music scenes, TIFFY has arrived with So Serious—a record that’s the most potent realization yet of her self-established “soft punk” aesthetic.” I was influenced by a lot of bedroom pop when first starting TIFFY, but I also went to a lot of punk shows when I was younger,” Sammy explains while talking about what “soft punk” means to her. “I carry a lot of that ethos with me in making music and being yourself.”

Sammy says she’s “an introspective writer” who draws deep from within for her close-to-the-bone lyrics: “I tend to write from experiences that I know, and reflect on how I’m feeling.” And So Serious retains a gloriously unflinching honesty throughout, matched by Sammy’s hook-loaded songwriting that recalls indie rock greats Speedy Ortiz, the irresistibility of peak-era Weezer, and Jay Som’s dusky, kaleidoscopic musical approach. The lushly slack “Don’t Take It Personally” was inspired by an experience with a friend growing distant during lockdown, a heavenly church organ breakdown adding to the song’s confessional feel.

The massively anthemic “In Jest” is built around a chewy riff and the act of taking the piss without getting too hurt about it, while the serpentine shoegaze of “Vying” is accompanied by Sammy’s musings about the digital age’s attention economy. Then there’s the winsome punk-pop of “Social Sliding,” which captures the generational yearning to detach from the social ladders we all continue to climb in vain. “In any industry you work in, as well as your social life, there’s always these dumb, vague hierarchies,” Sammy explains while talking about the song. “People should just try to do things for themselves instead of trying to satisfy others.” And, honestly, what a motto when it comes to music like this, too—as So Serious represents a giant leap for TIFFY, cementing the project as truly on its own level.