Jasper Sommer is an English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter released his new single, ‘We Could Rule The World’ via EFG Records Oy. The artist has already received mainstream publication support from the likes of COMPLEX UK and Earmilk, drawing comparisons to the likes of Four Tet and James Blake.

Born in Derbyshire, England, Jasper is currently based in Hollola, Finland. His father was a huge lover of all music, exposing Jasper to an array of quality sounds. After picking up his brother’s guitar to play Blink 182 songs, he knew he wanted to pursue a life in music. Forming a band at the age of eleven with two close friends, the boys created their own songs and performed covers of Blink 182. Inspired by Zodiac’s production on The Weeknd’s first EP, he started playing around with GarageBand, his first foray into music production.

‘We Could Rule The World’ is a deep and brooding track. Produced by Jasper himself, it’s experimental and ambient in nature, with the instrumental backing featuring unpredictable breakbeat drums and gargantuan basslines and soundscapes. Evoking images of desolation and melancholy, it’s a deeply intricate track with emotional lyrics, as Jasper sings about loneliness and the search for what is right. Dark and moody, it’s a song bathed in emotion, a true artistic expression of Jasper’s inner voice and that of all humans.

Jasper Sommer had this to say about the track: “This song is about suffering with depression and the feeling of loneliness. Whilst at times we may feel like nothing is worth it and ending it all, contemplating the idea that we’re all one piece to a unified whole, brings peace and the ability to conquer the world inside our minds. With the goal of overcoming depression once and for all”.

SOURCE: Official Release