Tonique & Man have today released their new remix of ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ (Mi Man Bossa Edit). Where the original would fit on any dance floor nicely, this new version is a more laid back and intimate style that is really a new song in my opinion. While the hook is there, it’s there in a different way. Conjuring a different feeling. If the original is a stark neo Patrick Nagel painting, the re-imagining is a John Stark.

While the attention is usually in the details, we get an entirely new rendition. Almost as if from different artists. And, isn’t that an indication of the best kind of artists? This song clearly stands on it’s own.

About ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ (Mi Man Bossa Edit)

Tonique & Man (Jean Tonique and Mi Man) deliver a brand new remix ‘You Make Me Feel So Good (Mi Man Bossa Edit)’, out now.

They say: “Tonique & Man take their customers well-being very seriously and Mi Man’s Bossa nova version of You Make Me Feel So Good is one perfect example. Mi Man’s captured all the voluptuousness, all the sweetness he could possibly find and put it into this breezy ballad. It is to the original what a nap under the coconut trees is to a warm sunny day in the summer. Hand playing guitars, sweet trombone, soft and airy percussions deliver the perfect music to match all summer peaceful moments.”

Tonique & Man’s highly anticipated album ‘Opening Soon’ is a culinary buddy movie with an background of gourmet grooves where body tricks at the turntables have been replaced by acrobatic pizza tricks. Filled to the brim with 11 feel-good tracks, it is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the dolce vita 2.0 of this great musical bonding (Mario Bros and Cheech & Chong spring to mind).

They concoct a tasty pop cuisine peppered with smooth, silky arrangements and irreverent humor. Tonique, delivers a masterclass on funk laden guitar work and is accompanied by Man, who brings his own inimitable sweetness and harmony. Together, the music is elevated beyond its various genres.

About Tonique & Man

On the front of their studio you could read ‘since 2022’, but it’s been almost 5 years now that Tonique & Man are accomplices, behind the oven as well as behind the console.

Trading their floured aprons and their pizza shovels for guitars and synthesisers during oh so tasty recording sessions. It’s a story of complementarity and friendship above all. After having each worked on their respective projects for several years, Jean Tonique and Mi Man decided to create a joint project – Tonique & Man.

A duo in the form of a small company, a business plan and a lifestyle tinged with red and white that would bring together their common passion for the disco of the Bee Gees, the TB303 or the nonchalance of Benny Sings. Imbued with a certain 70’s nostalgia, we also find in their music luminous orchestrations and more electronic textures. Influences merge and abound to the rhythm of the orders placed at 0780-940-420, seasoned with their ‘special sauce’.

Their first album ‘Opening Soon’ can be enjoyed à la carte: 11 tracks composed in the energy of intimate and precious moments, in the urgency to seize the day. Because as in the clip of ‘Running After Time’, Tonique & Man have no time and wear many hats.

Entrepreneurs, music lovers or fine gourmets songwriters, the borders are thin. The dough is thin and twirls to remind us that between two jokes their music is generous, sincere, and full of dexterity. A stain of tomato sauce in pledge of quality, indissociable of our French Touch since Daft Punk’s Revolution 909.

Jean Tonique is a producer, multi-instrumentalist with several EPs, albums and remixes to his credit. Solar music, sometimes house, always tinged with disco and funk. During live sets or DJ sets, European, Asian or American tours allow him to distill his music throughout the world.

Mi Man is a film music composer and songwriter, trained in orchestration and composition between New York, London and Paris. He shares his life between film music and songwriting. In 2021 he released ‘All day long’, a first EP of 4 tracks full of softness and nonchalance.

Featured image by Chloé Gray.