TV’s Daniel has released their new single titled ‘Another Place, Another Time’, from their upcoming album ‘Never Change’, releasing September 1st via Wild Honey Records.

That first listen gives me a gigantic smile as I hear a smooth and suave mix of early eighties British pop and anthemic stadium rock all gloriously mixed, molded, and melded together. Take away that this is a perfect addition to a post-COVID summer and we can see that better times are ahead.

About TV’s Daniel

TV’s Daniel formed in 2017, igniting a new punk ethos era that Austin, TX so deeply yearned for. Daniel Fried is no stranger to music, playing in bands such as Bad Sports, Radioactivity, and VIDEO. After years of collaborating with other people, Daniel decided he wanted to create his own band, his own sound, with his own principles. Reminiscent of British pop anthems and eighties opulent rock, TV’s Daniel was formed.

Chris Prorock rips heavy drum beats, Jason Smith (OBN III’s) Ryan Fitzgibbon (Porcelain) and Mike Garrido (OBN III’s, Baxu) each make their own unique sound on guitar, while Lisa Alley (The Well) shreds bass and offers her perfectly pitched harmonies when given the chance.

Throughout TV’s Daniel’s amplified simple chord structures, they seamlessly navigate the devastation of love, the influence of sex and the power of failing upwards. For all intents and purposes, Daniel Fried assembled a band, but through TV’s Daniel, he’s created a musical freedom that finally feels obtainable for the rest of us.