Twin Toes have premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Sunny Eggs’, from their forthcoming debut album ‘Long Story Short’ released 14th October through Capitane Records.

Pristinely serene and lighthearted with it’s quirky electronica teamed with an original video concept, Twin Toes give all of their toes for a creative cause meant for your Spotify playlist and captivated by your future memories. This is a song and video mix and mashup meant for the time machine buried in your back yard. It’s that memorable.

About ‘Sunny Eggs’

Brussels avant-pop duo Twin Toes return with an irreverent slice of delectable alt-pop on ‘Sunny Eggs’, lifted from their forthcoming debut album ‘Long Story Short’ released 14th October through Capitane Records.

Following on from the band’s recent singles ‘Ghost Hair’ and ‘Lost In Playlists’, ‘Crooks’, continues Twin Toes unique musical evolution, offering a multi-genre often intrinsic approach to song craft, peppered with off-beat, wry lyricism.

The band say: “Sunny Eggs is the first song we made together, or to be more accurate, the first succession of notes that sounded like one. We can say it was the fire starter of Twin Toes. It goes without saying that it is quite meaningful to us. The song is a tribute to sunny side up eggs because man, we eat so many eggs together that we had to write about it. Nico actually wrote the lyrics in the best conditions, during one of his mom’s visit in Ireland where his step father cooks the best Irish breakfast. ‘Sunny Eggs’ can be seen simply as a love song about eggs but if you dig deeper, you might find elements about the true meaning of love.”

Twin Toes’ album ‘Long Story Short’ brings together ten tracks whose stories evoke the worlds of both Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry. Their songs paint multicolored and surreal scenes drawn from a sense of the absurdity of life. The entirety of ‘Long Story Short’ was recorded in a small room in Brussels and mixed by producer Pieterjan Coppejans at Robot Studios in Ghent, Belgium.

On the album: “When we met three years ago, we started to create a lot of random musical material. We didn’t really know where it was going, but we knew that we both wanted a fresh start in our musical lives. Eventually, this weird massive organic content started to take a shape that we kind of liked. We also realised on the way that we shared the same passion for storytelling, admiring the same amazing souls such as Miranda July, The Daniels, or Miyazaki. So ’storytelling’ and surrealistic films naturally became our main inspiration source. We wanted to create a space where melancholy and humor could merge together and create fun stories. And the less we tried, the more it sounded personal. When we figured that out, songs started to come out more quickly. Songs about hair grieving, being in love with eggs, wanting to transform into some girl’s smartphone, or living in the ocean with a lobster as best friend. Because (almost) everyone has 10 toes, you can hear 10 adventures in Long Story Short.”

About Twin Toes

It all started on a Monday morning in January 2019, when Antoine invited Nicolas to his home studio in Brussels. Forty-eight hours earlier and seventy-five miles from each other, by coincidence, they broke the same index toe of their left foot. Having discussed few days earlier about making a band together, this sign of the Universe convinced them to start for real.

Twin Toes is a chain of happy accidents and simultaneity. A joke that took the form of a pop duo. Their songs bring a multicolored and surrealistic atmosphere, reminding somehow of the beauty of dried sausages and the absurdity of existence. They may well be the pioneers of a new avant-garde genre, the “foot pop”.