DJ MATVEÏ has today released his new single titled ‘SUEÑO’ , from his forthcoming EP TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS_III. Repetitive to the beat and married to the rhythm, ‘SUEÑO’ takes Latin funktastic to the extreme with a chant-level opus that can enchant as much as it inspires.


Today, the Paris-based producer and DJ MATVEÏ is thrilled to share “SUEÑO”, from his forthcoming EP TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS_III. This EP is the final installment in his NIGHT_CLUBS trilogy of EPs, set for release on October 31st, 2022 via Kitsuné Musique. You can listen to the new track below:

Across the three TALES_FOR NIGHTCLUBS EPs, MATVEÏ has explored the far extremes of his sound – from the more laid back tunes of the first EP to the more slamming tech house style of the second – and this final EP elegantly splits the difference between the two. With pulsating house beats, infectious vocal samples, and an increased emphasis on folding in influence from Latin American rhythms, this final EP in the series shows the producer rounding into peak form.

Describing this new track, MATVEÏ says “‘SUEÑO’ is a club banger for the ladies. The beat is heavily tribal infused and is meant to be blasted at the club full force.” Utilizing a classic New Orleans bounce vocal snippet – a repeated refrain of “break it, break it, bounce / move with the booty booty bounce” – this track is a perfect example of the way MATVEÏ is able to blend styles of dance music from around the world and fold them seamlessly into his unique point of view and high level of technical craftsmanship.

The release of “SUEÑO” follows previous EP single “DO MAR” (meaning “the ocean” in Portuguese) which took a more laid back and jazzy house approach that MATVEÏ imagined as “a perfect tune for a late-night swim somewhere on a lost beach.” “DO MAR” yet another song in his catalog (following tracks such as “IPANEMA”, “SAUDADE”, and “VOCES”) that explores Brazilian music in a house register.

Lauded as the new generation of French electronic talent in his native country, MATVEÏ’s trajectory is on the rise. Since his first EP, he has amassed millions of streams on Spotify, seeing his music added on playlists like metropolis, Fresh Finds: Basement, and Deephouse Delight among many others. Brought up on a steady diet of French hip-hop, house, and bass, the producer blends an exciting cocktail of classic house and urban club sounds, drawing inspiration from Kaytranada, Disclosure, Metro Boomin, Baauer and Sam Gellaitry.

Speaking on the TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS trilogy as a whole, MATVEÏ reflects: “TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS is a rough and experimental series of sonic stories set to release – throughout 2022 – as an EP trilogy.”

The first installment in the series of EPs, entitled TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS was released in March, with the second EP released in July. The goal of each EP is to to highlight a different approach and style of MATVEÏ’s infectious club music. Some tracks from the trilogy like “ENTROPY/” are oriented more towards slamming peak time techno and tech house, while the previously shared singles “NOSTALGIA*” + “HIGHS&LOWS” aim for a more bubbly and laid back house sound that still packs a punch in the low end.

The TALES_FOR_NIGHTCLUBS_III EP will be released in full on October 31st, 2022