1. Risk To My Reward Tycho Jones 2:51

New single ‘Risk To My Reward’ represents Tycho Jones’ (they/them/he/him) return to music. Over the past year, they took a break from releasing music to work on their mental health, but also to build a new band and prepare their sophomore offering and first official EP.

The last that you’ll have heard from this “London riser” (Clash) and “Alt Pop Wonder” (Complex UK) was his bass-forward track ‘Clouds’ and while there are some similarities between that last release and Tyhco’s first single of 2023, there’s been some impressive evolution since then. ‘Risk To My Reward’ is less poised, it’s more unruly, and it’s unflinchingly authentic. Tycho Jones’ previously laid-back style is swapped out for intuitive frontman delivery of impossibly catchy lyrics, which you can sing along to in the impressive lyric video. The band provides an upbeat kaleidoscope of relentless percussion, earthy bass, and playful rock-tinged guitars that add a whole new dimension to Tyhco Jones’ hopeful alt-pop sound.

Tycho Jones summarises the through-line of their exciting new single:

“Risk to my reward is about the thrill of the chase — the pursuit of a dream, a lover, a friendship. Taking the risks necessary in order to progress and grow.”

Tycho Jones’ first rose to success with their 2021 debut mixtape Tychonaut, a record that’s full of the anxiety, the dislocation, the haze, and the joy of being young in a time so beleaguered with worry and hopelessness. It takes a natural lyricist and songwriter like Tycho to capture all these crucial layers in a song.

Last year, Tycho was awarded a grant to work with a choreographer on developing their live show; since they grew up studying trapeze to a high level, Tycho wanted to dig deeper into the live, physical experience of their music. They’ve built a band, plus a live persona and style of movement, ready for even bigger stages. Indeed, Tycho might be part of the glistening fabric of the London indie music scene, but their songs and performances both narrate and dictate what it means to be young, conscious, and confused no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Signing to Hoxton-based independent record label Globe Town Records the week after they finished their A-Levels, Tycho has been an integral part, and dedicated contributor to, the community of artists that make up this East London indie label. While Tycho’s work and practice is about collectivity, and about using themself as a vector to speak about the experience of others, this artist has received glowing reviews from some of the music industry’s leading authorities. Elton John singled out Tycho as “someone I love from Britain” (Hot Press), with further confirmed fans like BBC presenters Matt Wikinson and Jack Saunders. Tycho also recently took part in Bricks Magazine’s “New Kids on the Block” Editorial Feature in November 2022 “The Art Issue” and Notion’s Spring/Summer 22 Rising and Great Escape Feature.

The video for the lead single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ from Tycho’s mixtape was nominated for a UK VMA and selected by Virgil Abloh as part of his final exhibition Coming of Age in partnership with the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Already, Tycho Jones has been on a ride that so many young musicians hope for – and they’re only just starting.

SOURCE: Official Bio