1. You’re Bringing Out My Emotions Vanessa De Ferrari 3:16

Vanessa De Ferrari vocalist and New York City native of Bolivian & Brazilian heritage has once again teamed up with Alvin K. Alexander (Resident of New York City) songwriter/arranger and producer to present “You’re Bringing Out My Emotions” written by Alvin.

Vanessa & Alvin first teamed up during the 2021 Christmas season to present a Christmas song titled “It’s My Kind Of Christmas” written Alvin as well. You can hear listen to & stream it at vanessadeferrari.hearnow.com and at many of the popular music streaming sites including alvinalexander.bandzoogle.com.

Vanessa has performed in a variety of local venues, such as nightclubs, hotels & private parties. Due to the pandemic, she had to temporarily forego live performances. However, as live show venues are reopening, she’s once again ready to do live public performances!

In addition to You’re Bringing Out My Emotions, Vanessa has recently recorded background and lead vocals on new songs featuring Alvin K. Alexander of which will be released mid spring and early summer.

Vanessa is active as a martial artist studying Jiu Jitsu. Whenever possible, she’s out the on ocean surfing.

SOURCE: Official Bio