Nathassia Devine, (pronounced Natassia) being half Dutch & half Indian, emanates a rare mesmerising image that weaves through to her unique sound, forged in the hub of the electronic music scene, the Netherlands.

Driven by creative desire in 2013, Nathassia made the decision to set up a production studio in London solely to write & record her debut album. She then persuaded some of the biggest names in EDM to co-produce her songs including Grammy award winner Bruce Elliott-Smith (Kylie etc) and Russia’s biggest EDM music artist Moonbeam.

The Result, a truly intoxicating collection of 13 tracks all cutting edge and electronic in nature but laced with eastern influences, fused with real thought provoking lyrics. This creates a cosmic experience like no other and you will be taken on an emotional journey delivered in genre breaking style by Nathassia’s unique song writing and vocal performance.

Alien Eyes – Nathassia’s debut release made the top 20 of the UK club charts and the club mix was given 10 out of 10 by Kiss FM.

In My Head – her second single flew into the UK breaker club chart at no.1 above the likes of Katy B, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry. The single has been playlisted for an unprecedented 11 weeks on Jemm One Radio and favoured by hundreds of new music shows on local radio around the UK and beyond.