Writer-director Forest Wise and Producer Ben Bartlett have launched a heartfelt crowd-funding campaign to help finish his full length feature film, A Cambodian Winter. The film is a poetic road trip, coming of age story. Three young Cambodian children, each with their own story, all looking for love and happiness.

Wise and his team are raising $50,000 on the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo with the deadline of 9 September 2014. “We want people to get involved, spread the love, and be part of something good”, Wise said.

As an international collaboration of artists, the idea was to create a film that will improve the lives of Cambodian children. “Our kids are all partners in the film and will share in the film’s profits. We are also empowering them to build sustainable lives beyond the film”, he said.

The film is a drama loosely based on reality, and in part reflects Wise’s own experiences of living in Cambodia for the past three years. “What we have achieved with our kids, and the connections we’ve developed, is nothing short of magical”, he said.

Set against the exotic beauty and ancient culture of Cambodia, two young girls, Pim and Chamron, embark upon a journey of yearning in search of the family they never had. Alone and against the world they meet Kith, an older streetwise boy. Kith takes them under his wing, showing them how to survive as the three travel onward to the sea. Slowly Pim and Kith fall for each other, discovering the love for which they have been searching.

The film explores the universal story of love, to find someone who will take you in their arms and hold on to you forever. “This is a love letter to living, to being in the moment, even when everything seems to be against you”, Wise said.

With Jaime Reynoso (Director of Photography) behind the lens, the film captures the very essence of Cambodia. Shooting is now complete and editing is currently underway in Siem Reap. Producer, Ben Bartlett welcomes sponsors through this campaign. “The money we raise will be used to help finish the film through sound and picture mastering. If lots of people give a little bit, we will get there”, Bartlett said.

The filmmakers are offering a variety of rewards to those who generously donate money toward the film including t-shirts, posters, autographed prints, onscreen credits and much more. For as little as US$25, supporters can get a HD download of the film when complete.

Wise and Bartlett plan to premiere the film on the 2015 international film festival. With tremendous potential in international markets based on stunning cinematography, interesting talent, and a provocative story line, A Cambodian Winter is set to be a surprising hit on the big screen.

View the campaign at http://igg.me/at/acambodianwinter/x
View the website at http://www.acambodianwinter.com
View teaser at http://vimeo.com/102079662