1. Call Me Annabel Viruette 4:40

American/English indie-rock band Viruette release their sophomore single ‘Call Me Annabel’. Based out of Boston MA, the 3-piece are back weaving together strands of transatlantic influences to create structurally off-kilter, vibrantly melodic, and often noisy indie songs, characterised by tight interplay, rich vocal arrangements and literate, narrative lyrics.

‘Call Me Annabel’ is no different, a cynical love song that delves into the nature of attraction and seduction, showcasing the point of view of the protagonist as he’s beguiled by ‘Annabel’ who he suspects isn’t forthright of her intentions. The track is a look into the pitfalls of dating in the 21st century, backed by choppy guitar lines and wistful vocal harmonies that aid in a musically rich soundscape which utilises clever interludes that weave throughout the track playing the vocal harmonies and a saxophone off each other to create the lead line.

The burgeoning band sets the bar with ‘Call Me Annabel’, laying down their intent for inventive ideas and intuitive songwriting.

Viruette explains the meaning behind the track further: “The song is a character study in which a conflicted narrator is deeply sceptical toward, yet nonetheless infatuated by the object of his desire, Annabel. The couple meet, but the falsity of it all is well-understood by the narrator, who is in the odd position of yearning for someone who he suspects to have shown him little more than artifice.”

Viruette is made up of Harry Bee (Vocals, Keys, Guitar) George Heffernan (Bass, backing vocals, saxophone) and Andrew Ring (Drums), their debut single, the eponymously titled ‘Viruette’, was released in September 2022 to acclaim in the local music press, described by Boston culture magazine Vanyaland as “angular and acidic”. Now back with their latest single ‘Call Me Annabel’, the band plans to use the release as a springboard into 2023 when they will be releasing their debut album and tour dates.

SOURCE: Official Bio