1. Maimed Viruette 4:10

American/English indie-rock band Viruette release their latest single ‘Maimed’. Based out of Boston MA, the 3-piece are back following the successful release of their last two singles ‘Viruette’ and ‘Call Me Annabel’. Known for weaving together strands of transatlantic influences Viruette constructs vibrantly melodic indie tracks filled with rich vocal arrangements and narrative lyrical content.

Their latest single ‘Maimed’ is no different, the track tells the story of two halfway lovers at breaking point, plagued by instability, loneliness and drug use ‘Maimed’ follows the narrator as he tries to come to his senses and break free of the dynamic only to be overcome by the trapping of the halfway-domestic, halfway-degenerate union he finds himself in. The track opens with wistful lead guitar lines, shuffled drum grooves and jazz-inspired vocal harmonies creating a dreamy soundscape that juxtaposes the dark lyrical content.

The track builds upon this with the introduction of a saxophone throughout the chorus, blending vibrant indie-rock/pop sensibilities to create a well-structured sound that is uniquely the Viruette’s. Viruette explains the track further. “The song is about failures of will and human weakness; how doing the right thing is made so difficult when continuing on the wrong path can bring so much in the way of transient comforts, and how quickly our clarity of mind can evaporate in the face of temptation.”

Viruette is made up of Harry Bee (Vocals, Keys, Guitar) George Heffernan (Bass, backing vocals, saxophone) and Andrew Ring (Drums), their last singles, the eponymously titled ‘Viruette’ and ‘Call Me Annabel’, were released to acclaim with support from the likes of CLASH Magazine and Mystic Sons along with ‘Viruette’ being featured as one of the best singles of the year in esteemed Boston outlet Vanyaland. With more material in the works and an album slated for early 2024 Viruette look to continue bringing their brand of lyrically driven indie-rock to their ever growing fanbase.

SOURCE: Official Bio