Wall Side has released the new album titled ‘Nothing I Deserve’. When reading the backstory of Liliya, the curator of Wall Side, you feel a sense of respect in regards to the recording and release of ‘Nothing I deserve’. But, you also get the sense of artistry.

At times sublime and at others introspective, the goal of soul is achieved and recognized with a fervor only withheld for the most earnest of fans.

Part dance, part electro-pop, all original. Liliya is well on her way to future legend status.

About Wall Side Music

Founded along the lines between experience and passion, Wall Side fuses historical depth and uninhibited creativity, for a debut album of nine tracks celebrating truthful observations amidst the escapism and unity of music.

From songwriter and founder of The Ardents, art-pop venture Wall Side brings both professionalism and heart to modern Electro-Pop and RnB.

The project introduces the sublime vocals of 24-year-old Ukrainian Liliya – a name meaning Lily; seemingly fragile yet able to flourish in any environment, who fortunately was able to relocate from Kharkiv to the relative safety of Kyiv when the attacks began, so able to continue making music.

The band’s repertoire employs inspiration from a handful of styles, to ultimately arrive at a sound united by strength of song writing and purposeful reflection. Capturing an artistic overall production is key, with Wall Side offering a fresh venture in everything from audio to lyrical and visual representation.

Backed by a debut single in honour of the heart-breaking situation in Ukraine, ‘Where Did You Go’ adopts the perspective of a local person ensnared in the turmoil. Liliya made the ideal performer for this song, bringing these issues and observations to light in a divinely genuine and faultlessly melodic manner.

Where Did You Go

Set in the war torn streets of Ukraine, ‘Where Did You Go’ is a heart wrenching song that captures the painful separation that is tearing so many families apart. Joined by Ukrainian singer Liliya, who fortunately was able to relocate from Kharkiv to the relative safety of Kyiv when the attacks began.

Wall Side paints an unflinching picture of the human toll of war, using dark, hypnotic synth tones and a war-like marching beat.

The emotional vocals show pop music’s power to express the deepest human pain.

‘Where Did You Go’ is pop music with a purpose.

All proceeds from Where Did You Go will be donated to The British-Ukrainian Aid Charity, and the video will be featured on the charity’s website

“Softly juxtaposing the beauty of soul-driven performance and melody, with the often-relentless ache and uncertainty of living, the enchanting sound of Wall Side illuminates the true experiences of a life lived on the lines between turmoil and peace.”

Wall Side continue to further their reach with the likes of singles ‘Nothing I deserve’ and ‘Feeling like Dido’, expanding on an eclectic catalogue to forever underline a versatile and uninhibited love for music in all of its forms. Both again feature the stunning vocals of Ukrainian singer Liliya,

The first Nothing I Deserve delving into those sultry RnB tones – backed by an organic guitar riff and easy underlying beat. Weaving in nostalgic vocal harmonies for the hook resolve, along with fragments of freestyle electric guitar-play for another touch of soulful expression, the song is blissfully delicate, stripped-back and genuine in its timeless state.

Smoothness of tone meets with subtlety of passion for a gripping and musically simple yet striking listen, ultimately introducing the Wall Side style as committed to songwriting and purpose above all else – not limited by genre nor keen to bring in quirky traits or excessive layers when the voice, melody and sentiments all say more than enough.

Beautifully laid-back yet emotive, the track speaks volumes on behalf of the breadth of influence that Wall Side welcome into modern music.

Consider the second of two new releases, the higher-octane, dance-ready single

Feeling Like Dido, and that versatility becomes undeniably clear. Fast-paced and synth-heavy yet also dreamy enough to contrast that relentless underlying beat, Feeling Like Dido employs those same alluring vocal harmonies and expressive ad-libs cleverly interwoven amidst another structurally faultless song.

The muse for the song comes from the Greek myth of Dido and Aeneas.

During the Trojan War Aeneas’s town was destroyed and he had to leave with the rest of the Trojans to escape.

As it goes, he went in search of his destiny. That is when he met Dido, the queen of Carthage.

After Aeneas and Dido fell in love, Jupiter convinced Aeneas to leave Dido. He did this so Aeneas would continue on his journey to found Rome.

Aeneas went to Dido to tell her that he was leaving, Dido became distraught, losing her mind, unable to deal with the news the love of her life was following Jupiter’s command and leaving.

Incapable of facing life without Aeneas, she set a curse of fire, war and death on the Romans, before uttering her final words “Let the Tempest be my grace” and killing herself with the sword he had left behind.