Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with an absolute musical chameleon in the form of Emily “Agent M” Whitehurst about her latest project Survival Guide. Having already made a name for herself with the band Tsunami Bomb and The Action Design as well as gracing the stage of The Warped Tour multiple years and now signed with Double Helix Records.

We also get an early look at her new video for the track ‘Blood Perfume’, from her upcoming album ‘deathdreams’ dropping October 19th.

The video is a sucker-punch to the senses with an immediate wow (or wtf) factor that is best seen to be known. And that is one of the many qualities that I find the most endearing about M and Survival Guide. She is not afraid to take chances, yet does so while remaining a viable brand in the music scene.

And, in this video interview above, we talk about such details on making signature music as well as her new video (below) and album and her plans to get the word out to the masses.

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About ‘Blood Perfume’

“It’s definitely the creepiest song on the album, both lyrically and musically. I started this song by writing the drum beat, and the slower tempo combined with the heavier percussion set a dark feel that I continued to build into the song. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the people and/or entities that we give our control over to, whether it be an abusive partner, social media, or anything that makes us lose ourselves or become addicted. For me, the tempo and feel of the song evoke the idea of that type of horror movie villain who calmly walks to pursue their victims, yet somehow can’t be stopped. Some of my favorite highlights are the way the bridge vocals trail off into spooky emptiness, and the use of the word ‘feetsies’.”

About the video

“It was so fun being part of making this short horror film! I’ve been in a few music videos before, but I’ve never played a deranged serial killer until the ‘Blood Perfume’ video. Yes, there was blood and violence involved, but none of it was real… although I did have to really drag a man’s body in a tarp, which was pretty difficult! The best thing about it was seeing the way the finished product came together after shooting. It was amazing to be in front of the camera taking directions, not knowing what the true vision was, then to see the way the shots looked on screen — the video production team are truly a group of artists! I hope people aren’t too scared to watch it!”

About Emily “Agent M” Whitehurst

A former California native now residing in Texas, Emily is an electronic indie-pop artist with a background in punk. Her music obsession began with Green Day, leading her to a dreams-come-true life of punk rock as she traversed continents fronting the band Tsunami Bomb as “Agent M.” Over the years, her music gradually shifted toward synth pop in The Action Design, then further into the electronic indie-pop realm as Survival Guide. Her danceable tunes evoke a sonic birthday cake: alternating layers of Depeche Mode, Metric, Peter Gabriel, and Grimes, with vibrant melodies and vocals as the icing on top. “Music is crucial to my survival,” she says wholeheartedly, adding, “Survival Guide is one woman trying to shape her own place in this world as a musician.”

In January of this year she released the non-streaming limited edition 7-inch Request Hotline, Vol 1.5, limited to 500 copies on randomly-colored vinyl. RHV1.5 was a taster for the February release of the 11-track, digital-only Request Hotline, Vol. 2, featuring all songs from the 7” plus an eclectic array of bold and unique re-imaginings of punk tracks by Green Day, Runaways, Avril Lavigne, The Distillers, Tony Sly, Sleater-Kinney, and Maybe Tomorrow as well as the four songs from the 7-inch mini-album, which consists of intriguing dance-party interpretations of AFI’s “Girl’s Not Grey” and “Totalimmortal” and a pair of contemplative, piano-serenade-style Misfits covers of “Skulls” and “Hybrid Moments.”