Waxamilion has today released his new album titled ‘Random Notes’. True virtuosos are those that go beyond the perception of their instrument and make their contemporaries better musicians for it. This is that initial reception I get from that first listen of Waxamilion. So many influences, so little time. I hear everything from Joe Jackson to Tosin Abasi. But, above all, I hear Waxamillion. In all of his musical glory.

‘Random Notes’ is anything but random. It’s intricate. Beyond the scope of most people. And that is what makes this suck a perfect album. And, the best thing about perfect is that it’s just out of reach, until now.

About Waxamilion

Waxamilion, the dynamic solo project of Austrian artist Max Dornauer, known for his intricate compositions and genre-blending prowess, steps into a new realm with “Random Notes”. The album’s lead single, “Steezy,” released on October 27th, sets the stage for this audacious musical journey. Following suit, “Feelium,” featuring the renowned guitarist Charlie Robbins from Syncatto, promises to captivate listeners with its December 1st release.

Max’s approach to music is both technically astute and emotionally resonant. Trained in jazz guitar and inspired by the Alpine landscapes of his home, his music is a testament to his dedication and eclectic influences. Having toured places like California, India, and Mexico, Max infuses his experiences into his music, offering a sound that is as worldly as it is intimate.

“Random Notes” is not just an album; it’s a narrative woven through complex rhythms and melodic landscapes. It’s a reflection of Max’s journey as an artist and a celebration of musical innovation.

“Random Notes” will be released on December 29th as a limited edition album that embodies a rich fusion of Jazzy Hip-Hop and Math Rock. This eagerly awaited release, brought to you by Wax Enterprises & Bormsen Records, will be available in a special 12″ (180g) vinyl format, limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies. For enthusiasts and collectors, the vinyl is part of an exclusive bundle, featuring a limited edition shirt and a digital guitar tab book, accentuating the tactile and immersive experience of Waxamilion’s music.