Deeply rooted in emotions, this 5-track project produced and arranged by James Lowland is an ode to the cycle of love in all its colors, textures, and layers. A love that hurts, anchors, puzzles, gives butterflies. A love that grows, or sometimes withers only to make you flourish instead. Leaning on her feelings and candid words, WAYI created with care a safe and intimate space to reflect with the listener on the mysterious mechanics of the heart. In Love in Progress, she documented her own trials and tribulations, exploring her soul in every sense of the word.

“I’ve dealt with a rollercoaster of emotions I never felt before, the 25-year-old RnB artist reveals about the introspective EP. And to try to understand and control these emotions, I jot down my feelings, no filter: whether it’s jealousy, happiness or sadness, I write about it as one would in a diary. Listening back to my songs, it feels like a psychologist telling me straight up what is really going on in my heart. As we all know, it’s easy to ignore your own emotions sometimes… My songs work as a therapy for me and I hope my music will help other people the same way it helps me.”

The Belgian singer-songwriter won the hearts and the trust of both the public and the industry last year with her first two singles. While The Way I Am was preaching the importance of self-love and self-worth, the follow up Temporary touched on jealousy and coming to terms with the final chapter of a relationship. This effortless elegance and sensual voice have already enchanted sir Elton John and respected media outlets such as Refinery29, ELLE France, DJ BOOTH, High Snobiety, Red Bull Elektropedia and many more.

Lie back on your couch ears and heart wide open and let WAYI’s refreshing honesty heal all of your sorrows.