Sunday Jet Lag is an alternative band made up of 4 lifelong friends. Music has always been a hobby for each of the members, but it recently became something more to all of them. Each member asserts their own ideas into every single song to really make something special, mixing genres, styles, and crazy ideas, then relaying it through each instrument gives Sunday Jet Lag a sound like no one else’s.

After a countless amount of hours, their first full-length album “It Takes a Lot to Know Yourself” is being released on December 14th, 2018. Including 11 tracks with a story behind each song. Making music and playing for an audience has been a lifelong dream for everyone in the band. With the first album coming to every streaming platform very soon, everyone in the band is eager to let the world hear their music and listen to their stories. This is only the beginning of the road for these 4 musicians.

SOURCE: Official Bio