“I Promise You” is an epic ballad, a catchy melody, with the earnest singing of Grammy Award winner Pat Hunt in the song’s spotlight. The track is the forth single from their upcoming LP release.

“I Promise You” comes hot on the heels of their popular single track, “Heartbeat Of The World”. For the album remix of the single Heartbeat Of The World, the band is offering a celebrity talent contest worldwide for all singers, amateurs and professional levels to be part of the recording, win prizes and have their own single produced by WORLD5 bass player and 4 time Grammy Award winning producer Randy Miller. WORLD5 has dedicated this celebrity talent contest as global charitable effort. WORLD5 is dedicated to using the power of popular music to produce global positive social action thru “Heartbeat of the World” to raise money for Charities, non-profits and businesses whose programs save lives and help people in need by providing education, housing, medicine, food, clean water, emergency shelter, and other services across the globe thru heartbeatoftheworld.net

The Heartbeat of the World Music Video Contest is recognized as the phenomena of this decade as “We are the World” was for the 80s.

“A sparkling brilliant recording, plus an awesome message” – Code Zero Radio

“If you’re having a lousy day, put on this joyful pop/rock anthem by WORLD5 and I guarantee it’ll lift you right up.” – Skope Magazine

Their peviously released singles , “Man Of Action”, which immediately shot to the U.S. National Top 100 Airplay Chart and “Maybe there´s A Way” will be on the upcoming LP as remixed album versions.The overarching sound of the band has at its core the songwriting principles of legends such as Toto, Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby, Genesis, Yes, The Beatles.

Listeners will immensely enjoy the eclectic sound and global influences of the 5 musicians: Pat Hunt – lead vocals and keyboards (Katy, TX, USA), Joe Gavito – guitars (Houston, TX, USA), Steffen Goeres – guitars, trumpet, fluegelhorn (Wellington, New Zealand), Randy Miller – bass, vocals(Houston, TX, USA), Raimund Breitfeld – drums, percussion (Gothenburgh, Sweden)

“I Promise You” by WORLD5 is available online worldwide November 10, 2014.

The single “I Promise You” is distributed globally by Famous Records Corp and is available at iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets for convenient purchase and download.