‘When You’re In Love’ is Cheryl Pineda’s latest Remix EP, released by Basement Collective Music. This EP features five remarkable remixes by DNT (Doc “N” Tones), MDGM (Proud Problem a.k.a. Sir Micah Deep), Slavic (Peter “Slavic” Mataboge), NjHouseHead and Itchy Lemon. Each of them has a totally different take on this track, and although all five remixes are within the House genre, they all make use of different influences, sounds and grooves. In every track, Cheryl Pineda’s voice is consistently stunning, showing how a voice like hers can be so versatile that it blends perfectly within different styles.

The EP kicks-off with DNT’s Studio Mix, which is the longest track in the EP. This remix draws a lot of influence from Chill-Out, giving it an almost jazzy feel and groove. The funky guitar riff, the bright piano chord progressions and the solid, groovy drum beat offer a perfect foundation for Cheryl Pineda’s voice to shine, highlighting her smooth vocal qualities. Doc “N” Tones has truly created a grand opening for this Remix EP of ‘When You’re In Love’.

The second track on the EP is MDGM’s Remix. South African DJ/Producer Sir Micah Deep offers a beautiful piano arrangement on a foundation of a collective drum and percussive rhythms, a synth-driven melody and a prominent bass-line, which once again open a door for Cheryl Pineda’s voice to cut through. Contrasting DNT’s mix, this track is the shortest remix of ‘When You’re In Love’, however it sums-up all the elements for it to be a vibrant addition to the EP.

Following MDGM’s Remix is the remix by another South African DJ/Producer, Peter “Slavic” Mataboge, better known as Slavic. This remix offers a more up-tempo alternative to the two remixes preceding it offering a harder drum groove with a tighter feel to it. The rest of the music is based in minimalism, letting Cheryl Pineda’s voice reach its full expression.

The fourth track on the EP is a slightly slower version of the song, spinning at 122 BPM. This track was remixed by NjHouseHead, a DJ/Producer from New Jersey, who rightly so called his remix ‘When You’re In Love’ Jersey Remix. This remix offers an up-tempo feel, making use of funky organ and guitar sounds and riffs together with almost Samba-style percussive sounds and rhythms. Once again, Cheryl Pineda’s voice can be heard in a new setting and dimension, proofing the versatility of both her voice and her new track ‘When You’re In Love’.

The EP winds up with a remix called ‘When You’re In Love’ Porto Mix by Portuguese DJ/Producer Itchy Lemon. This is a totally different remix from the ones preceding it. The straight and solid drum beat, the numerous prominent riffs contained in the track and the smart use of Cheryl Pineda’s voice make this track a really danceable adaptation of ‘When You’re In Love’, bringing to a conclusion an eclectic collection of remixes from all over the world, which are sure to be heard on dance-floors worldwide.