You Me and Dougie are:
Anthony Doria – Rhythm & Lead Vocals
Roy Butler – Bass
Brian Pincus – Drums

Naylor’s Note’s:
You can definitely feel that they have a family type of vibe on stage. They get ahold of their instruments, and the rest just comes natural. The 1st thing that had got my attention was the way they vibe with each other on stage.

Every musician will have their fair share of up’s and down’s. This is surely not an issue in, “You, Me and Dougie” They are very compelling, hardworking, and achieving. They keep doing what they love in the best way that they can all while letting nothing get in their way. That is exactly what I felt in their performance was just that. A sort of vibe packed with a lot of stage presence, and dynamite.

Anthony does music full-time while Roy is a quiet fella’ who might be one of the best Bass players’ that you will ever see. As soon as the music stop’s, every hair on the back of that vibe is sure to stand straight up.

They keep their stage suede most comfortable, and keep up the attention of every person in the crowd. The fact that they play their original songs as if you’ve heard them before is both, “Brilliant, and bold.” This is an experience you will not want to miss. They have enough material to fill two, 4 hour shows, and will keep going even after the doors are locked. They will continue to do what they love, “with” their fans.

Roy however is not allowed shot’s until after the 1st half of the show. He will fall off the stage, and I quote. “Roy’s not dead!!!” Go to a show or the interview segment for details. I have also been convinced that every female in the crowd will want to be Anthony’s Woodstock girl after the show is over.

Roy Slapping that bass, Brian Pincus on drums, and Anthony Doria on Backwards guitar & vocals. I must say this band is packed with originality, and passion! They play through all of their mistakes, if any mistakes at all, and are very proud of what they do all while staying humble. This is something they love; packing the passion it takes to create the power needed on stage.

Go to a show!!!

Good Times (Original)
She Loves Me (Original)
Woodstock Girl (Original)

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