Dan and Hannah Acfield have released their stunning filmclip for their recent single ‘Grabbed me by the Heart’, a heart warming folky piece that could delve into even the most untouchable of souls.

The Acfields – who are Brother and Sister duo Dan and Hannah, live in two different corners of Australia – Brisbane and Melbourne. That doesn’t stop them from writing, recording, rehearsing and playing music together as well as co-ordinating and overseeing the production of this new clip. They collaborated with the creator of the clip, Asher Floyd – who shot, edited and produced it.

The duo recorded the single at a friend’s house on the Mornington Peninsula and returned to the house while on tour in June to create the filmclip and in the local surrounds.

The filmclip and the song hold different meanings to the two siblings, but both have very sentimental attachments to the track and therefore putting a visual look to the song was very important.

Dan reminisced about the writing of the song, saying that “…it’s actually a song saying goodbye and being thankful for time that could be spent together over the years. Specifically, written by me for our paternal grandmother and less directly our maternal grandfather – both got dementia and passed away at a similar time. It was never a song that I intended to release let alone make into a single because it is so personal and just me dealing with some grief but people tended to connect with it.”

Hannah said it was a song that needed great care when crafting the clip as it has such emotional importance to the pair. “The film clip takes the story in a more general direction with some deviations, but the theme of nostalgia and gratitude for meaningful relationships is still there. It’s about the different relationships we experience. Friendship, working relationships, romantic etc. The two children are meant to be cousins. The two women in the garden – it’s a working relationship and the importance of kindness. The older couple are looking nostalgically over their life. The dancers aren’t necessarily romantically involved but could be. It’s about making the most of any relationship!”

Both halves of the all-singing, all-songwriting pair are accomplished tourers and performers. They have embarked on multiple national tours of their own, playing and supported acts such as Josh Pyke, The Trouble With Templeton, Holy Holy, Stu Larsen and Vika & Linda Bull.