Your Angel has today released the new single titled ‘Good Girl’ from her upcoming album ‘A Star in the Headlights’, dropping March 17th.

Dark and omnipotent, with a minimalist sense of self and feeling. Those are the first words with this first listen. Almost within it’s own universe. Simultaneously simple and emotionally complex; there is a dark tinge to this song.

Listen to the studio track before watching the live performance video. There are slightly different tones to either. But, what you get with both, is an emotional ride of guttural feeling and creative immersion.

About Your Angel

Your Angel is the project of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Maddy Boyd — shares her new single “Good Girl,” off her forthcoming album A Star in the Headlights, out March 17th. The accompanying “Good Girl” live performance video, which was directed by P.J. Charles, is also out today.

Following “You Never Say Sorry” and “Misbehave,” “Good Girl” is the third track to be released from A Star in the Headlights. Pairing sultry, sparse production with lush synths and vocal stacks, “Good Girl” is an ethereal and expansive alt-pop gem. “It’s a song about dating someone who always has their sights set somewhere else,” says Your Angel. “It’s about the feeling of spending all of your time with someone and still feeling profoundly alone.”

Originally hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico and now based in Los Angeles, Maddy – aka Your Angel – got her start touring in indie-rock bands like Current Joys and Surf Curse. After playing over 150 sold out shows, she left the bands in 2019 to pursue her own artist project. She released her debut album, Pipe Dream, the same year.

Now, Your Angel is ready to reveal her sophomore record, A Star in the Headlights. The album’s singles have already seen widespread support from tastemakers like NYLON, Consequence, and Notion. A Star in the Headlights will be out on March 17th.