“A lot of people ask us, “What does Mirrelia mean?” For us as a collective, the concept of the meaning is one that is not restricted by any limitations. Consciously, Mirrelia is an abstract creation whose meaning is defined by every person that comes into contact with the music we create, and the ethos we share. Musically, Mirrelia has become a synonym for diversity; drawing major influences from Pop, R&B, Jazz, Progressive metal, and Hardcore.”

Mirrelia are:
SJP – Arrangements/Vocal/Guitar
Jordan Kendal – Guitar/Vocal
Dominick De Kauwe – Bass
Dickson Benjamin -Percussion/Vocal

Mirrelia was created in 2010 with the clear vision to create a form of music that is unique in its delivery, honest in its message, and pure in its essence. Our debut effort, “Mirrelia (EP),” released on October 15th 2012, was released to local and international acclaim. From the post-hardcore reminiscent tinges on the opener “Brassdame” through the pop-rock influences on the first single “East of Eden”, to the overtly heavy tones in “Stray,” The self-titled EP was a collection and celebration of musical diversity and freedom.

With a growing reputation as acclaimed song writers, and uncompromising live performers, the essence of Mirrelia is strong and embraced by audiences across Ontario. With 2013 drawing to a close, 2014 will see the release of the band’s debut 11 song full length effort “Vol 1: The Director’s Seat.” A clear and concise yet vast musical evolution is apparent in the band’s songwriting this time around, as noted in the grandiose opener “Absences.”

The independent Toronto act continues to strive for perfection, honesty, and to deliver a raw, conscious and unconscious passion through both recorded and live performances.